Best suburbs in Perth (Greater)

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Ranked 1st best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Best suburb in the world!"

- kathee
I have lived in many places in my life and for the past 6 yrs i have been residing in Melville. Definitely the Friendliest & safest suburb i have ever experienced. Also located within walking distan...
-32.0390297245316 115.802801423008
Ranked 2nd best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Bibra Lake - The Place To Be"

- NatalieB2
Recently moved to Bibra Lake after much research on it and other suburbs. Its a great peaceful, safe and happy suburb. Great lake to walk around for fitness, awesome neighbours, nature on your doorste...
-32.0972609902222 115.816857425194


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Safe, welcoming, great schools and community"

- RM1
We moved into Booragoon 18 months ago and couldn't be happier! We were looking for a suburb in a catchment area of high quality schools and feel that we hit the jackpot because Booragoon offers this a...
-32.0372365204582 115.834023566656
Ranked 4th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Love here"

- Goodhome
We're living here for 8 years , it's a very safe & green suburb with close amenities
-31.7345803984534 115.743342782474


Ranked 5th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Another Great Place in Perth!"

- ConnarOO
Ferndale is one of the Best places to live in South of Perth! Lots of Schools, Shopping Centres & Parks around & is a Nice Area! This is another great choice for me to live in Perth!
-32.0276288736737 115.924730440321


Ranked 6th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Established suburb making a comeback!!"

- DavidR
A matured leafy suburb with beautiful undulating topography next to a nature reserve with numerous species of fauna and home to a vast variety of local animal species. The hilltops homes provide beaut...
-31.7735584906 115.779984621


Ranked 7th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Excellent area"

- BC12
I lived in Connolly for over 10 years and only recently moved out of the location (out of my parents place and into a share house with friends). It's an excellent suburb and perfect for families, olde...
-31.7478102039431 115.746617240954


Ranked 8th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Fantastic Place to Live"

- MichaelB3
Lived here for 13 years now.......Safe , very green and really family friendly suburb. Schools are great ( high,primary and pre primary all located within same grounds ). Facilities are great ( public...
-31.8544735428069 115.782021444387


Ranked 9th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Hidden Gem near the beach!!!"

- harrydill
I moved to Kallaroo from Duncraig in 2014 with my family after being in Duncraig for over 8 years. It was an anxious time as I had got to know Duncraig so well, however, Kallaroo is on the "other sid...
-31.7902173768145 115.742757148124

City Beach

City Beach
Ranked 10th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"The best"

- Esti1980
Beautiful suburb close to everything :)
-31.9335188118856 115.764710656006


Ranked 11th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Brilliant lynwood"

- JessicaD2
My young family and I have lived here for two years now and I wish we moved here earlier.Our kids go to the local primary school which is pretty much new and couldn't be happier.The school is fresh,pr...
-32.0419000669316 115.930318729632


Ranked 12th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Simply the best for money"

- rangerman
Simply the best suburb so quiet and such good value for money at the moment, so safe love the place not too far from beach used too live carramar no where near as good
-31.6654590234187 115.721983111043


Ranked 13th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Nice safe area"

- RealityBites
I moved to Noranda after living in Mirrabooka for 20yrs and its a nice safe area to live. My partner is FIFO and I feel secure at night and not frightened to be on my own. Lots of parks, shops and clo...
-31.873483583062 115.898485446675


Ranked 14th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Beautiful place to live!"

- JayK2
Beautiful place, great beaches and wide streets. Almost feels like a holiday destination, yet part of Greater Perth. Very safe, beautiful sunset, greenery and parks. Snap before its too late.
-32.3188772529644 115.756115622645

North Perth

North Perth
Ranked 15th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Love North Perth - great suburb for all different kind sof p..."

- jacko1
What a great hub of activity wrapped up in a leafy green, friendly neighbourhood that welcomes everyone - great diversity nestled directly between the thriving cafe strips of Leederville, Highgategate...
-31.926763867124 115.85258103731


Ranked 16th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Craigie- Fastest selling suburb in Australia"

- Rhodesia
Craigie is now the fastest selling suburb in Australia. Get in here quick.
-31.7864072873069 115.769062818038


Ranked 17th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Glad to be back"

- Overdog
I moved to Woodlands in 2000 with my parents and was lucky enough to move back with my own family last year. We had to look for over a year to find a suitable property, and even then it required a f...
-31.906977434078 115.793061730093

South Lake

Ranked 18th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Fantastic Suburb"

- melc3636
We are a young couple who have been living here for a year now and have had LOVED the location and have had absolutely no troubles. The Lakes Revitalisation project through the City of Cockburn will m...
-32.1091578975019 115.839189812726
Ranked 19th best suburb in Perth (Greater)

"Secrets of mine"

- MtPleasant
I have secret delights of mine in Mount Pleasant. It’s the “aah nice!” of recognition when I say that I’ve bought and live here to the people I meet in the heart of Perth. Four delightful years. A...
-32.0267774011013 115.851220687508
Ranked 20th best suburb in Perth (Greater)
-31.943739734418 116.050763443981
-31.9518366732 115.851906513 5