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Ranked 1st best suburb in Victoria

"Victorian and Edwardian charm"

- CharityC
Recently back from living in London, and as our kids were nearing school age, we needed pick a suburb that would provide the highest standards in education as well as social and networking opportuniti...
-37.7502524303649 144.919556977878


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Victoria

"just close enough to Melbourne and just far enough away!"

- ElKa
I have been here four years and I feel really attached to Kilmore and happy and proud to call it home. We are late thirties and are much more into space and greenery than city night life so it suits...
-37.2840858443829 144.967796894028


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Victoria


- dudester
Its super awesome
-37.6967537434103 143.65715763936


Ranked 4th best suburb in Victoria

"A beach side paradise"

- BobB4
Better in summer than in winter... not gonna lie kids
-37.9946259256079 145.078497276587
Ranked 5th best suburb in Victoria
-37.8320854536113 144.872996109304


Ranked 6th best suburb in Victoria

"Burnside - I feel like I'm on holiday everyday"

- MarieCurie
After living in the inner city suburbs of Prahran, Toorak and South Yarra most of my life the very thought of living anywhere else never entered my mind, until one faithful house warming that I attend...
-37.7391948555197 144.750324650343
Ranked 7th best suburb in Victoria

"Stunning area - under-valued!"

- mjb123
Love love love it! Live in Westfield Bvd and my backyard view feels like I am living somewhere on the valley! The view is amazing.. The house prices are so affordable and the neighbours are all nice a...
-37.67756 144.89038


Ranked 8th best suburb in Victoria

"My favourite suburb!"

- 4540flossy
We looked at many different suburbs when we relocated to Melbourne, but decided that Montmorency was for us and we don't regret settling here. It's a beautiful area with a lush green canopy, great vie...
-37.7182598300334 145.12248352372


Ranked 9th best suburb in Victoria

"Beautiful clean streets, friendly neighbourhood"

- MaranderW
Have been living in Taylors Lakes for over a decade and my family and I enjoy the beautiful parks and the kids love their school. Great community feel, and a very safe and friendly area.
-37.7033869856406 144.554270229128


Ranked 10th best suburb in Victoria

"Edithvale - loveliest place on earth"

- SarahL4
Edithvale is a great suburb to invest. It is not too far from cbd but has a beautiful beach and lots of nice cafes. It is a quiet suburb with lots of leafy green streets. One immediately feels at home...
-38.0396128702371 145.109769837549


Ranked 11th best suburb in Victoria

"7km from the city and surrounded by 30 acres of open parklan..."

- Schwabbie
I moved from Footscray to the Edgewater Estate, Maribyrnong 5 years ago to escape the increased traffic levels and pollution in Footscray. I have not been disappointed. Maribyrnong is located 7k...
-37.7708981151888 144.887806482231


Ranked 12th best suburb in Victoria

"A true gem in the inner west of Melbourne"

- MarkF3
I have been living in Maidstone for more than 4 years and I am absolutely loving it! It takes me 25 minutes door-to-door to get to my workplace in the CBD (Collins St) in the morning. Food choices are...
-37.7802649713974 144.872748546491


Ranked 13th best suburb in Victoria

"Simply love this suburb!"

- CarolineP
We moved here about 3 months ago, and simply love this suburb. A lot of our friends and colleagues have never heard the suburb before, but it is a hidden gem that we gladly found. Public transport,...
-37.8342469825732 145.24692921773
Ranked 14th best suburb in Victoria

"Well located and improving"

- RingoodE
We purchased in Ringwood East in 2010 and have seen the area improve over the years. The recent announcement by Public Transport Victoria to abolish zone 2 means the daily commute by train now costs t...
-37.810803900104 145.256171367112


Ranked 15th best suburb in Victoria

"Fantastic place to bring up a family, we love it!"

- TheHunted
We have lived in Barclay dr Cheltenham for over 4 years and absolutely love it. Our part of Cheltenham is quiet, safe and has such an old fashioned friendly atmosphere that you can't help but be happy...
-37.9626086306318 145.060530618464


Ranked 16th best suburb in Victoria

"One of The Best in Melbourne's East!"

- ConnarOO
Another Preference of living in Melbourne. Warranwood is one of the Best suburbs in Melbourne's East. There are lots of Schools nearby as well as Parks & Reserves & even Shops!
-37.7722178592323 145.252497580178


Ranked 17th best suburb in Victoria
-37.8142562508582 147.507794804178

East Geelong

Ranked 18th best suburb in Victoria

"Wonderful inner city suburb living!"

- J&PW
We moved here a year ago from Melbourne. Absolutely love it. It's walking distance to a great park, botanical garden, the sea and the city amenities. Although it lacks dining options, it's not shor...
-38.1551921884324 144.378050799934
Ranked 19th best suburb in Victoria

"Affordable but Very Potential suburb"

- PeterN
Close to WG shopping centre, Monash Freeway, Private Hospital, Schools. Surrounding by more expensive areas like waverley park, mulgarve, Springvale. WG shopping is small but good enough for daily nee...
-37.9470960777286 145.190261870216
Ranked 20th best suburb in Victoria

"Surprisingly nice"

- firsthomebuyr
Very nice place, with a lot of 3 story houses. Very rich and nice area to live in. Close to Dandenong CBD also.
-38.0111410712011 145.199890621594
-37.7342026203966 145.521903872194 5