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Nov 23, 2011

"Blacktown Best in the West"

Originally from NZ and call Blacktown home for over 10years. Moved to the North Shore for a year once and always found myself coming back to Blacktown down the M2 every week because Blacktown had cheaper shopping including food, clothes and haircuts along with not having to have a permit to park outside your own house, plenty of things to see and do and it has a better community feel. So much to do in Blacktown cause it has; only Drive in Movies in Sydney, Largest Xtreme Screen in Aussie, Westpoint a huge shopping complex which has hosted many stars around the world that Westfields doesnt, Over 5 super RSL and Workers Clubs, Featherdale Wildlife Park, 4 big swimming complexes, Parlea Markets the largest in Southern Hemisphere, Eastern
Creek Raceway, Go Carts, Extreme Paint Ball, over 45 parks for kids to play along with the epic Narrangingy Reserve BUT to come in the near future to Blacktown is Sydneys largest Wet n Wild Water Park and Sydneys
largest IKEA. There is heaps more such as the easy access to go anywhere like Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Canberra and the City from Blacktown cause of the M4, M7, M2 and Great Western Highway. No I'm not the Mayor, I'm just a proud resident of Blacktown and yes there are "junkies" but they only number less than 5/6 near the taxi rank by the train station, as they go to the only place that will help them, Blacktown Hospital. I've never seen them hurt anyone and they havnt hurt me and considering that they account for less than 1% of Blacktown's growing population of over 280,000, I don't give them a second thought like the ones I see in Parramatta and the City. Part of me doesn't want people to catch on how Blacktown is actually a very cool place to live, because then there will be too many people and they will push the costs of living up here. So hoping some people stay ignorant and continue to think Blacktown is a "bad place", so my very comfortable lifestyle that I have here in Blacktown continues for longer :)
  • Community Feel
  • Lots of Parks
  • Great Restaurants
  • Access to motorways
  • Public transport
  • Shopping
  • Hot summer
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