Albion Street, Sebastopol, VIC 3356

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Reviews of Albion Street, Sebastopol

"work in progress - it's getting there."

I decided to write this after reading the review titled "not bad if you dont mind the drugs". When i first moved in here a year ago, i agreed with this review, but now i dont.
After getting to know the rough looking neighbours i was very impressed. Friendly and quiet with just the right amount of sticky nosing (enough that you feel safe leaving your property for a weeks holiday, but not so much that you feel like you live next door to Mrs Mangle).
I know the units that were mentioned in the previous post and the troublesome tennants have moved out (so no more late night burn out competitions), and the units are for sale as a whole.. cant wait to see what happens there. All in all for anyone wanting a great investment that doesn't mind waiting around for the area to improve (wich is happening quite quickly) then Sebastopol is definatly for you! Great value, nice, quiet neighbours and rapid impovements.

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Almost 1 year on and I am selling my house. The units across the road are still being renovated and are coming along nicely, but the units up the street have gotten worse. The last straw for me was a police tactical team coming up my street headed for the front unit.
there are some nice areas around Sebastopol, just not Albion st. My husband, my daughter and I are moving to the other side of Victoria. after this experience, I just dont think I can live around Ballarat anymore.

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"Not a bad street if you don't mind the drugs"

Lived here for about 6 months. The units across the road seem to be the place to go for whatever cocktail of chemicals you like.
The cherry on top for me was walking out the front at midday the other morning and two men were standing in the front garden across the street peeing. Classy!

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