What is the Future for Manly Hospital

The 2018 completion of the new Northern Regional Hospital at Frenches Forest will lead to the decommissioning of the now redundant Manly Hospital. The local communities views have been canvassed and suggestions include a raft of community uses for the site - but what of the of aged buildings on the site, some date back to the turn of the century and none go close to meeting the needs of 21st Century needs?
The uses that have been canvasses include Aged Care Housing, Low Cost Housing, Drug Rehabilitation, Mental Health Services, Disability Care Services, Non Acute Medical Services, Child Care - you name it it's been suggested. The question I ask is at what cost to adapt the existing structures especially the asbestos riddled 1960's central hospital building (surely a knock down). The site is so significant it deserves an outstanding adaptive re-use plan or a total redevelopment plan that gets earns the acceptance of the Community and is consistent with the recently Gazetted Manly Council Re-zoning. No mean brief!
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KaTra 2yrs+
Hello Ian there is a similar scenario for the regional hospital in the city of Mildura, Victoria also filled with asbestos having been built in that era. It has now underway to receive refurbishments after many years to be converted to apartments. The outside of the building is heritage listed so it can not be modified however the inside can be totally removed which is why it can be turned into apartments. Similarly, for years, all sorts of suggestions were given for use of the building aged care housing being the most popular. In terms of your belief of being knocked down vs maintaining existing structure, you need to consider whether the current building has any historical value and significance for the wider community.

Hope this precedent helps with your question.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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