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Dugald Street, Riverstone

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"They call this street one of the worst in Riverstone"

My partner and I were looking at a house in this street, not knowing Riverstone very well. Riverstone itself has a lot to offer and many lovely streets however in the time that we took to look at this house located in Dugald there were 3 police cars/vans continuously partoling the streets. We asked the neighbours what they thought and they were nice but said "whatever you do, do not buy in this street, there are always police here, properties are always being vandalised and this afternoon so far our cars have been drawn on with permanant marker". There were young children running around yelling abuse at us. We were only there for five minutes during the day and saw all of this!! I think that it is safe to say that we did not buy!
Shazbot Not great to hear Riverstone hasn't changed much in the last 20 years. Let's hope with the new railway station and new road, it will be the start of the big clean-up it sorely needs.
susmonkey I Recently went to have a look at a house within this street and had the same experience.
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