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"Great history with close amenities."

Galvin st was named after my uncle Sgt Walace James Galvin, who died in Vietnam on 25.12.1970....I was 10 years old. We were having christmas with many other relatives at my grandmothers house in Boyce rd at the time when the army officials came to our door to tell us. My brother and i used to race up the hallway to try to get to the door first, just before our grandmother would tap us on the backside to move us out of the way to let another "reli" in...This time was different...My grandmother only saw the colour of the uniforms through the old frosted glass & timber front door...She fell apart.......................Through the circumstances surrounding my uncles death, the local council..(who i am sure is totally unaware now of the importance) The "council" at the time had a "lane way" that was yet un named, so at that time it was called Galvin lane..........At that time there were no other Galvin streets in Sydney..So it would be nice if everybody knew why.....It is well documented on the [email protected]

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