Inexpensive Bathroom Renovations

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A bathroom renovation won’t attract the same attention from buyers that a remodelled kitchen will, but they can create a more modern and finished look for your home. Significant renovations in bathrooms can be quite expensive because the main pieces, like tubs, sinks and toilets, can be pricey, if you get top-of-the-line items. However, there are many simple things that can be done in several hours to make over your master bath or guest bathroom. 

Clear Everything Out First

Before you begin working on renovations to your bathroom, clear out the room. Taking everything out of the bathroom makes it easier to ensure that every part of the room is cleaned, as part of your remodel. 

Storage can be an issue in any room, but especially in a small bathroom. Visit stores that specialise in storage solutions, from hanging caddies for your shower to stackable drawers. These are integral pieces in a room and they make your storage more design friendly and aesthetically pleasing. 

Painting Your Bathroom

Painting is an inexpensive way to add a new look to your bathroom. When you prepare to paint any room in your house, you will want to tape off or cover everything that won’t be painted. This is especially true in a bathroom. Since the area is smaller, mistakes will show up more readily. Taping and covering will save you time doing time-consuming touch-ups. 

A new coat of paint will go a long way, and provide a background for the rest of your new look. Off-white is popular as a bathroom colour, but you can use any colour to give your bathroom an up-to-date, inviting look. If your bathroom is especially small, use lighter colours, since darker colours may make the room appear smaller. 

Adding New Tiles

Once you select your paint, consider new types of tiles for the bathroom. Ceramic and vinyl tiles are popular, and are water-resistant and easily cleaned. Ceramic tile tends to be somewhat more expensive, but you may find some patterns on clearance. 

 An inexpensive renovation with a clean vanity and nice flooring can make the world of difference. 
An inexpensive renovation with a clean vanity and nice flooring can make the world of difference. 

Update Your Vanity 

Vanities are well used in many styles of bathrooms, but they can look outdated if you upgrade the room and not the vanity. Refurbishing your vanity is a lot less expensive than buying a new one. Most vanities can be painted, or you might decoupage it with magazine photos, or tile it.  

Adding Accessories

Accessories may define a space, so select a few new items for your bathroom. New window treatments or shower curtains are simple accents that will make your bathroom feel like a new space. Look first at stores that are less expensive, or in clearance sections of expensive stores. 

Before you return all of your old items that you moved out of your bathroom to renovate it, be sure that you need everything you are putting back into the room. Paint any areas that you haven’t already done and clean every area so that the room will look newer. Get rid of excess clutter, and you’ll have more space and a more relaxing bathroom.

If you have any bathroom related questions specific to your area feel free to post them here alternatively you can contact us on our twitter page located here and we will make sure an expert gets in touch


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