7 innovative kitchen appliance trends of 2018

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4 min readPerhaps one of your kitchen appliances is approaching the end of its useful lifespan; or perhaps you’re about to move into a brand new, unfurnished place that’s in need of new appliances. If so, you’re probably wondering which kitchen appliances are new and on trend for 2018. Curious about the latest tech in kitchen appliances? Read on for seven innovative kitchen appliance trends.

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1. Self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens.

Self-cleaning ovens are not by any means a new thing. However, they have been enjoying a steady rise in interest in the past five years as busy, eco-conscious people discover their numerous benefits.

A self-cleaning oven works by heating up to extreme temperatures of about 500 degrees celsius. This extreme heat kills germs and reduces any food splatters present in the oven to a state of powdery ash that doesn’t require much effort to remove. With a self-cleaning oven, you won’t need to spray harsh and possibly toxic chemical oven cleaners into your oven, as heat is the primary cleaning method used.

This sort of oven offers you an excellent level of insulation, which also makes for an eco-friendly and precise cooking experience, even when you aren’t using the self-cleaning feature. This type of oven is an excellent choice for anyone who hates cleaning or for those trying to lead an organic, chemical-free lifestyle.

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2. Convection ovens.

The fan present in a convection oven facilitates air circulation around your food as it cooks. This technology offers you the benefits of rapid cooking times and food that is cooked more evenly. This type of oven is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to just get on with their meals without having to wait long.

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3. French door wall ovens.

French door ovens are appealing for several reasons. It’s unusual for an oven to look both elegant and up-to-date, but many French door ovens manage to accomplish this. This sort of oven can add stylish flair to the design scheme in your kitchen.

Image: GE Appliances


Besides their attractive styling, French door wall ovens offer you other benefits. Many of them are ergonomically designed; some can be installed at a level that doesn’t require inconvenient and possibly painful bending. Most only require one hand to open too. This type of design is ideal for galley and one wall kitchen designs found in small apartments and compact vacation properties. However, they also work well in expansive kitchens and butlers pantries used by professional and aspiring chefs, and those who frequently entertain.

4. Induction cooktops.

In contrast to ordinary electric cooktops, which utilise radiant heat for heating your food, induction cooktops heat via means of an electromagnetic field. Cooking time is a bit faster than usual with an induction cooktop, which is one of its main advantages. Induction cooking only works as intended if you use induction-compatible cookware.

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5. Steam ovens & combination steam (aka combi steam) ovens.

A steam oven differs from a conventional oven by using the moist heat from steam to cook your food. Using this cooking method, your vegetable dishes are likely to retain more of their nutrients than they would if they had been baked in a conventional oven. Your meals are also much less likely to get burned or dried out.

Steam cooking is definitely picking up steam all around the world right now. We’re seeing a variety of steam cooking appliances coming on the market, including combi steam and convection ovens as well as microwave ovens that come enabled with steaming technology.

6. Counter-depth refrigerators.

Counter-depth refrigerators are increasing in popularity in large part due to the tiny-home trend and the popularity of studio apartments. There are also other reasons to love them, but a primary selling point is their ability to maximise space in ultra-small kitchens. For example, if you have a small kitchen but you’re dying to add a kitchen island, a counter-depth refrigerator could help to unlock more space and make that layout a reality.

Another advantage: Having your refrigerator in the same plane as your other kitchen elements allow you to neatly place them all behind custom door panels if you like. This sort of appliance camouflage is one of the top kitchen trends of 2018, according to Decorators Wisdom.

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7. Under-counter ice machines.

A number of 2018’s trendiest beverages require the addition of perfectly crushed ice. If you enjoy crafting mezcal cocktails, mocktails, Moscow mules or similar drinks to entertain your friends at home, the festivities at your place could be enhanced by the addition of an under-the-counter ice machine to your kitchen or wet bar area.

Now you’re up-to-date on the top seven kitchen appliance trends in 2018. You’re spoiled for choice with all the amazing new features these appliances offer you — so you can take your pick of innovative ranges, stoves, cooktops, refrigerators and other useful kitchen appliances.

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