New Trends in Kitchen Design

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Not long ago, granite countertops were the selling point for kitchens, and kitchens are a main selling point for houses. However, there are some newer trends that you should keep in mind when buying or selling a home.

What’s New in Kitchens?

Things that were just recently treasured features in kitchens are slowly losing their desirability, according to some design experts. The new design trends include light-coloured, durable, kid-friendly materials that can open up kitchens as the gathering places they are.

Light coloured materials are popular in kitchen designs at the moment.

Work Triangles Are on Their Way Out

Work triangles are not as important to home buyers today. This is a long-standing design in which the stove, sink and refrigerator form the shape of a triangle. When this design was in development, their refrigerators and stoves were not as efficient as they are today.

Appliances today can be found in so many layouts and sizes that a designer can tailor kitchen layouts to the lifestyle of a family. Most homebuyers are looking for modern homes with an emphasis on functionality and comfort.

The kitchen is the control center of a home. Creating different zones, like cooking zones and kid zones, allows for beverage centers and specific refrigerator drawers that are handy for kids who want a quick drink or snack. This should be done without the children clogging up the cooking area.

No More Granite? Really?

It’s difficult to imagine many stylish kitchens without granite countertops. However, some kitchen designers feel that granite is unpredictable and overly expensive. Since it is a natural material, you can end up with three of four slabs looking just as the homeowner wishes, and then the fourth may have a line running through the grain. There is no control over problems like this.

Homeowners today are slowly gravitating toward the use of synthetic materials for countertops. They are durable and can be beautifully executed. Countertops with solid surfaces are becoming more popular. Each material comes in a variety of thicknesses and up to 20 different colours. They won’t chip like granite, and you don’t pay for wasted materials. The grain quality and sustainability are difficult to top.

New Looks in Cabinetry

Lacquer finishes are a dying trend in kitchen cabinets. They are not the choice that provides the most durability. Lacquered cabinets look great until one gets dinged, and then the whole door must be replaced.

Wood stain finishes are more forgiving, and they can still be protected with a polyurethane top coat. Wood stains give a kitchen richness and depth. Salvaged woods are becoming more popular, too. They give the room a special romance and character that is not attainable with other materials.

Lighter Flooring Gains Popularity

Dark floors have been the rage in kitchens for over a decade. People preferred dark floors and dark furniture. Fewer homeowners today turn to dark flooring. It shows more dust and scratches than pale woods do. Lighter coloured kitchen floors hide wear and tear from children much better than floors of darker colours.

Light coloured floors can be a popular option, and can look great offset with a darker colour.

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