Landscaping on a Budget

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You probably have visions of the perfect lawn in your mind, but they may not reflect what you see when you look out of your windows. It takes money and time to maintain a healthy and attractive landscape, and you may not have an abundance of either. 

Whether you are preparing to sell your house, or just want the view to be a little more attractive, a properly landscaped lawn will add beauty and value to your home. 

What Does Landscaping Involve?

Landscaping is not simply about the grass and trees in your yard. Rather, it includes the terrain of your land, the plants that flourish there, water features and other elements that you have created, like patios, decks and fences.  

To make your landscape beautiful, planning is essential. Otherwise, you may have plants that will not thrive in the same type of soil with the same amount of water and sun. According to Money: HowStuffWorks, planning will give you an area that looks wonderful and costs less to maintain. 

  Landscape planning can be essential to keep your costs low and sticking to budget. 
 Landscape planning can be essential to keep your costs low and sticking to budget. 

Water Is Important

Nature loves water. Your plants may be selected for their ability to utilise water properly, but if your terrain is not planned properly, you may find water pooling where it shouldn’t be. 

Your lawn needs to work with the water that falls and the water you add if you irrigate or use sprinklers on your grass. Rain, especially if it’s heavy, can affect your entire lawn, and may even cause indoor problems if you don’t drain the area properly.

Rainfall and runoff follow the slope of your land. If you have a basement that gets wet, you may not have properly graded your yard. If you have puddles in your yard after a heavy rain, it could be a welcome place for mosquitoes, but it won’t be a welcome sight for you. Shape the land so that it allows water to work for you, rather than against you.  

To keep water where you need and want it, proper grading is essential. Drains and downspouts will also play a role in determining where the water will go. Watch your water before the rain begins, and then during and after the storm. Check to see that there are no areas eroding, and plan your terrain accordingly.

Plant Selection

If you don’t have a green thumb, speak to a landscape specialist or the manager of your local garden centre. You cannot choose plants just on the way they look together. It will be a waste of your hard-earned money to select plants that won’t grow in your type of soil.

Climate region maps may be helpful in planning your landscaping. Weather patterns are not the only thing that affects plants, though. Animals, soil types and other plants also affect your new plants – in a good way or a bad way. 

Experienced gardeners will help you with tips to save money and plant the right species of plants for your area. Horticulturists at universities are usually glad to give you any information you need. Avoid foliage that will become overbearing for your other plants. 

Gather all the information you need before you start your landscaping plans, so that you’ll have a beautiful yard for years. 

  Having the right plants for your garden will ensure it lasts many years. Ask a local garden expert to get the best information. 
 Having the right plants for your garden will ensure it lasts many years. Ask a local garden expert to get the best information. 


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