Grow Your Own Healthy Foods at Home

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Even if you’re all thumbs and they aren’t at all green, you can grow fruits and vegetables at home. Adding these foods to your diet will make it healthier, and help you to enjoy the joys and challenges of gardening outside – or inside, on a smaller scale – your house. 

Benefits of Gardening

You can start a vegetable garden in your yard, and grow some more fragile plants inside the house. Take the time to learn about the type of soil you need and the right time for planting various types of vegetables.

Gardening gives you exercise, which is healthy. Eating foods that you grow without pesticides or other chemicals will help you to maintain your good health. 

Gardening in Your Backyard

Gardening in your yard helps you to take a stronger interest in the foods you eat, and to make better choices concerning the foods you feed yourself and your family. Growing your own food will encourage you to savour them more, because you are well aware of the efforts expended to put them on the table. 

Health Benefits of Home Gardening

If you grow your own vegetables and fruits, you’ll be more likely to eat these healthy foods. You can grow them without fertilisers or pesticides. You can also control the times when you will harvest your foods. Allowing your vegetables to ripen in your garden gives them more nutrients than foods picked early to be shipped to your local grocery store. 

 Home gardening can be a great way to engage with your family and spend time outdoors 
Home gardening can be a great way to engage with your family and spend time outdoors 

Growing Your Own Food Is Simple

It takes a bit of time to get the hang of gardening, but peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables are quite forgiving. Planting your own garden with your favourite vegetables and fruits is easier if you start small. Simply plant the veggies and fruits that you and your family enjoy most. 

Give your vegetables and fruits six or more hours of daylight, and be sure that they have plenty of access to water. Use soil that is free of contaminants. Think about using a garden bed that is raised above lawn level, since this makes it easier to control the nutrient blends in your soil. 

Speak with other gardeners, and even farmers in your area, to find out which plants will grow the best in your area. They can also tell you when they should be planted and harvested. 

If you don’t have yard space for your garden, you can grow many vegetables and herbs indoors. 

If you’re interested on some home cooked recipes with vegetables read them on our local discussion here

Growing Healthy Means Eating Healthy

You may be amazed at the enjoyment you get from gardening. You can share food with others in your community, if you grow more than your family will need. You’ll have a chance to develop even more interest in your food choices, and the ways in which to prepare healthy, fresh foods at home. 

Gardeners need patience, as you learn more about which plants thrive in your area. You will reap many benefits when you grow your own healthy foods. Who knows, maybe you will develop a green thumb, after all. 

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