How to embrace the hanging chair trend this summer

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4 min readWhen you think of hanging chairs, you probably envision them dangling in the chicest, most bohemian of living rooms. The cosy, swaying seats do make quite the focal point, and they’re just as comfortable as they are beautiful.

 For sale: 48 Hughes Road, Sorrento, VIC For sale: 48 Hughes Road, Sorrento, VIC

These qualities make hanging chairs ideal for more places than just the inside your home — why not set one up outdoors to take advantage of your home’s exterior space? To make the design process even easier, here are four ways to embrace the hanging chair trend this summer and beyond.

Go traditional

Your home has that old-school Queenslander flair. A wrap-around porch beckons friends to come over and hang out in your home’s outdoor areas. As such, a line of rocking chairs certainly fits the bill when it comes to decorating, but a hanging chair or two also works.

Of course, because your home has such a traditional look, you don’t want to go with an ultra-modern hanging chair design. You can find a middle ground by installing a porch swing, which is technically a hanging chair, too. You’ll get all the fun and comfort of a cocoon-style chair without ruining the classic style that makes your house a home. Best of all most porch swings can seat at least two people at once, so you can share this hanging chair with that special someone.

 40 Bundewallah Road, Berry, NSW 40 Bundewallah Road, Berry, NSW

Look to the trees

A bushy backyard has a lot to offer in terms of your hanging-chair placement. Strong, sturdy branches are the perfect natural support system for a hanging chair. Plus, spending time in nature will help you relax even more than your comfy, swaying new chair.

 40 Bundewallah Road, Berry, NSW 40 Bundewallah Road, Berry, NSW

Like a front porch swing, your tree-tied chair will probably come with a different structure than a standalone hanging chair. Even a hammock will have the same soothing effect of a hanging chair, with the added benefit of being able to lay down, crack open a book, read or reflect. No matter how you do it, you’ll love having your chair hanging from the trees.

 73 Massinger Street, Byron Bay, NSW 73 Massinger Street, Byron Bay, NSW

Give older updates a modern boost

Moving into a fixer-upper is great for your budget, but it also means that some areas of your home aren’t as modern as you’d like. If you’re searching for some stylish and easy ways to upgrade your patio, a hanging chair could be an easy addition to make prior to a full renovation. Later, updating your existing patio floor with sleeker pavers will tie the whole scene together.

 For sale: 8/5 Park Road, Nedlands, WA For sale: 8/5 Park Road, Nedlands, WA

A hanging chair can make your older deck and patio furniture appear to be more modern, too. Add one in the corner of your deck where you already have a table, sun chairs, etc. to breathe new life into a space that’s looked the same way for years.

Of course, if you already have a renovated back patio, a hanging chair is the perfect accent there, too. Other modern updates might include a fire pit, outdoor grill, a rug or geometrically shaped planters and flower pots.

 73 Massinger Street, Byron Bay, NSW 73 Massinger Street, Byron Bay, NSW

Don’t rule out small spaces

Compact living has its benefits: you have less to clean and less to maintain, for starters. On the other hand, a small home or apartment typically has less outdoor space and, therefore, less space for a hanging chair.

 68 Victoria Street, Paddington, NSW 68 Victoria Street, Paddington, NSW

However, a little bit of creative and DIY-ing could help you sneak a hanging chair into even the smallest corner of your home’s balcony or entryway. On top of that, there are so many other space-saving elements to add to your balcony, too. Everything from a bike rack to a full herb garden can fit onto an urban balcony, with just a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease.

Have a seat

No matter where you choose to put it, your hanging chair will instantly update the look and feel of your home’s outdoor spaces. Just as fitting on the front porch as it is the backyard, your hanging chair will become a destination for sunbathing, reading, snoozing…all of your favourite activities on a warm summer day.

All you have left to do is pick up or build your new seat and set it up. Then, sit back, relax and watch as summer fades into autumn: you have the perfect, most comfortable place to do it now.

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