7 super cool outdoor living ideas for winter

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5 min readDon’t let the chilly weather stop you from enjoying your garden. The colder months are still a wonderful time for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Decorating is the fun part, and there are many stylish and enchanting ways to transform your outdoor space into a snuggly haven from the cold.

So, let’s gather round the fire pit and have a look at some super cool ideas for your backyard that’ll help you make the most of your garden on any colder day.

1. Fire pit

Of course, the crackle, warmth and glow of a fire pit really sets the right mood outside in winter time.
Fire pits come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials, and can be as simple or decadent as your budget will allow. You can go for a sophisticated built in option, a DIY project, or an affordable pit that’s ready to go straight out of the box.

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A smaller tabletop fire bowl can be a stunning centrepiece for an outdoor table setting. Some possible materials include paving stones, natural stone, concrete, cast iron, copper, ceramic, granite and steel.

Fire pits can be fitted with a grill top to roast smoky flavoured meats, or get some metal skewers to have some sweet melted treats fill your belly in winter. Plenty of seating is a must as the fire pit will naturally draw a crowd at gatherings and become an inviting place to enjoy on chilly winter evenings.

2. Fire glass

As if a fire pit isn’t cool enough, fill it with fire glass. Fire glass is available in a range of unique and bright colours, and is mesmerising to watch as it shimmers and sparkles beneath the fire. It sits on top of a gas fire, such as that on a tabletop fire bowl.

Image: Bestplants.com


As well as beautiful, fire glass is practical and functional. It does not smoke or burn, and it gets very hot to help maintain the fire and keep you warm. It is a cost-effective option for outdoor fireplaces, and it will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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Safety should be a top consideration for any fire place inside or out, especially if you have children or pets. Some tips for fire pit and fire table safety include:
– Follow all manufacturer instructions carefully.
– Follow local government burning and placement rules.
– Follow guidelines regarding the location of your fire pit in relation to other structures.
– Keep children and pets a safe distance from the fire.
– Avoid windy conditions when embers can spread.
– Remove debris from around the fire.
– Have a garden hose or water container close at hand for emergencies.

3. Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a treat for the eyes at any time of year, but especially sets the right mood for a pretty winter wonderland backyard theme. After the sun has set, the show comes to life with twinkling lights strung up everywhere.

Image: Hative.com


There are a multitude of easy, inexpensive and stunning outdoor lighting ideas. For instance, make your own lanterns with empty cans or mason jars to create a cosy rustic ambience. Hang lights from plants and furniture, or even weave fairy lights through baskets or hula hoops to make our own easy to hang decorations. Using a variety of lighting sizes, shapes, styles, and placements will look breathtaking– the more the better!

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4. Luxe fur

Let’s step up the cosiness factor of your patio beyond blankets and opt for faux fur throws and sheepskin rugs this season. This works wonders to create a cosy atmosphere and gives that ‘winter is coming’ sort of feeling. Draped over chairs and benches, this elegant idea will entice people to lounge around outdoors under your furry homewares on chilly days.

Image: Ikea


5. Day bed

A large and luxurious day bed is perfect for snuggling up outdoors in winter. Load it up with cushions and blankets and relax in the fresh air with your favourite book or a cup of tea. Unless it is undercover, choose a daybed with all-weather materials such as PE-wicker to last come rain, hail or sunshine.

Image: Urbani Furtniture


This day bed pulls apart to reveal a hidden coffee table. So, you have the option to cuddle up or sip hot chocolate with friends at your leisure.

6. Outdoor spa

The outdoor spa is on many of our dream-home checklists, and is a luxurious way to warm up on a brisk day. The thought of dipping into a hot spa in chilly weather is as good as it gets.

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There are many extravagant and unique ideas for outdoor spa designs. These include having the spa blend seamlessly into decking, using a canopy, using materials such as stone, or even incorporating features such as an outdoor fireplace. If you’re doing other outdoor renovations, why not go for something spectacular you can use year-round.

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7. Retreat

Create a retreat where you can enjoy the fresh air and scenery, but have some shelter from the elements. It can be a constructed patio, or simply a lush green canopy to create a shield from the wind. You can make an outdoor nook with inexpensive lattice, intertwined with beautiful climbing flowers. As well as an inviting hideaway in winter, your retreat can shade you from the harsh sun during summer.

15 Heath Street, Sandringham, VIC


We all dream of crafting our perfect outdoor sanctuary. Use a combination of these cool ideas to make a cosy space that will demand a second look. These ideas are perfect for winter, as well as chilly nights, and colder days all year round.

For more alfresco decor advice and inspo take a look at our smart tips to buy patio furniture that’ll last, five outdoor kitchen essentials and relaxing reading nook ideas.

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Whitney Swope

Whitney Swope is the owner of Urbani Furniture, an outdoor furniture store in Perth, Western Australia. Urbani specialises in all-weather rattan and sells luxurious dining settings, settees, and day beds for the best in outdoor living.

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  1. The outdoor spa is a very nice and tempting idea! However, putting up some nice lighting in the garden would be a less expensive approach and perfect for any occasion.


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