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Marquet Street, Rhodes

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"Overrated, overpriced"

I have visited this area a number of times. The buying trend and waterfront got us curious. However, if you look closely into this area, it isn't fantastic as a lot of developers make it sounding like. You might have water view but hardly have anything to do with the water, it's contaminated. As many others commented, the suburb is full of apartments and these apartments are priced in the half of a million dollars or above. We asked ourselves, what do we really get out of it?

For investment purposes, we might have to rely on the high rental take into account we have tenants all year around. A big chunk of that rental will unfortunately have to go to the high strata management fees (around $1200-$1500 a quarter if no special levies are applied), we haven't yet mentioned about other costs that will eat up most of the rental collected.

For owners occupying purpose, we might enjoy the view (if any) at first then we probably come to realise we have a good-sized mortgage to repay and similarly other costs while we don't receive any rental income. Parking is also an issue for a lot of residents and visitors here.

In terms of price, we might be better off buying properties in Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs with ocean view, close to the beach and similar size, at similar if not better price.
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scottboy Very true - I sympathise with any homeowner living in Rhodes... I could never live there. We live across the river at Wentworth Point and have to say, it's really grown on us. Rhodes now has 3,000 dwellings on a riverside piece of land with a 25 storey block going up as we speak.

Wentworth Point has the same amount of land but has only 1,300 dwellings spread out over 18 buildings and has a remarkable community spirit, parks and plenty of open space.

I could not see Rhodes producing any capital growth anytime soon and think a lot of people will be dissappointed when it comes time to unload their properties.

Parking is definately an issue, in fact it's a disgraceful state of affairs with roving parking officers; we have none..

Happier Wentworth Point Resident
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