10 reasons why we love the world’s most liveable city

Larissa Gardner
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Melbourne has been dubbed the world’s most liveable city for its sixth year in a row in The Economist’s annual liveability index.

The index ranks 140 cities based on a score out of 100, considering 30 factors related to safety, health care, education, infrastructure and the environment.

As usual Melbourne passed with flying colours, scoring full marks in healthcare, education and infrastructure amounting to an overall score of 97.5 out of 100.

Maybe an even better result from this year’s rankings most Melbournians will be extra chuffed about is that our biggest Australian city rival Sydney has dropped out of the top ten for the first time since ‘07.

To celebrate and reflect on Melbourne’s retainment of this covetable crown we thought we’d list 10 reasons why we take great pride and pleasure from living in the world’s most liveable city.

1. The staggeringly beautiful architecture, skyline and landscaping. We often find ourselves stopping to stare at the exquisite parks and gardens, tree lined city streets and grand buildings and bridges dotted throughout the city. We never fail to be impressed by the Royal Exhibition Buildings grandeur, the banks of the Yarra, Fed Squares sweeping sandstone square, the pretty Royal Botanic Gardens and the spectacular interior of the Regent Theatre.

2. Unpredictable weather. We love leaving the house daily armed with extra layers, sunscreen and an umbrella just in case the weather turns, which it always does. Complaining about Melbourne’s tendency for four seasons in one day is practically a citywide hobby. Variety is the spice of life so they say! Why settle for predictable. Sidebar: Melbourne actually scored full points on the liveability index for our temperature, averaging 19.9 degrees throughout the year, so we shouldn’t complain too much.

3. The food, my gosh the glorious food. Whether it’s delectable handmade dumplings in China Town, tasty treats from Queen Vic food trucks or Night Noodle Markets, sumptuous Greek food on Lonsdale Street or fine dining along Southbank, Melbournians take huge pride in eating out and enjoying delectable dishes in the cultural cuisine melting pot that is Melbourne. Bad meals are few and far between.

4. Recreational activities. Melbournians love to keep fit and stay active, and when you have such beautiful parks, waterways and beaches on your doorstep why not. We’re spoilt for exercise options throughout the city with great cycling lanes and tracks, rowing clubs along the Yarra, abundant green sports grounds and The Tan, a daily running ritual for many.

5. Sport is RELIGION. From the Australian Open, Australian Grand Prix, the race that stops the nation and the roar of the Grand Final crowd at The G, Melbournians love competition in all its shapes and forms. Our passion for sport is so strong that when dating or befriending someone the AFL team they support can bond you for life or be a total deal breaker.

6. A café on every corner. The wondrous thing about Melbourne is that coffee snobs abound, but luckily so does great coffee. We love that you’re never far from a tasty caffeine fix in the CBD and burbs of greater Melbourne. With cafes, coffee carts and little hole in the wall kiosks serving coffee on almost every street, laneway, park and office building, a love for a good brew is undeniably in Melbourne’s bloodstream.

7. Out of the way laneways. Melbourne’s network of laneways, like Hosier Lane and Union Lane, contain a treasure trove of some of the best colourful street art in the world and dive bars. Melbournians like to avoid tourists and soulless food chains at all costs, so they’ve tucked some of the best bars and eateries down out of the way laneways and up on hard to find rooftops. Ask a local if you’re in town to point you in the right direction.

8. So many events. There’s always something fun to see or do in Melbourne. Melbourne hosts the International Comedy Festival, St Kilda Fest, the International Film Festival, Spring Fashion Week, The Spring Racing Carnival, Open House Melbourne, Moomba and the list just goes on and on. We didn’t even mention all the fantastic galleries, gigs, exhibitions, stage shows, concerts and markets on offer.

9. Shopping is a necessity. Just take a tour of Melbourne’s streets at peak hour and you’ll see immaculately dressed business men and women strutting down Collins Street and Chapel Street. In Melbourne fashion is king and shopping an obsession. From Burke Street Mall, laneway boutiques and vintage shops, to the ‘fashion capital’ and shopping mecca (Chadstone), ask any Melbournian what they did on the weekend and nine times out of ten they’ll reply ‘I went shopping, of course!’.

10. Free trams. Every Melbournian knows the sound of a tram ding by heart and might take a tiny bit of pleasure from complaining about public transport delays and congestion to co-workers. But at the end of the day when you stop to think about it the Myki system is really very good most of the time, and who doesn’t love the free tram rides within the CBD.

With so many great attributes it’s easy to see why Melbourne has yet again been named the world’s most liveable city. What’s your favourite thing about living in Melbourne? Please let us know in the comments below.

Happy house hunting!

Larissa Gardner
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