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Patrick Street, Blacktown

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"Crime and unsafe"

I thought iD share my experience with blacktown as I have family and friends that work and live in the area. Just today on a trip to kmart someone lit a car on fire. Quickly a massive amount of people watched as the car went into flames and I could hear comments like "just another day in blacktown".
Another time a friend had their car broken into, they smashed ther window for pair of old roller skates left on the passenger side. I would frequently walk them to ther car during night shifts as there were junkies that confront her. She says that their nice families that can't afford to live anywhere else which makes the place tolerable. On a late night shopping session I noticed that there large numbers of security guards and police, I questioned the security guard why there were so many polica/security and the response was " it's like this every busy night in blacktown" in sarctastic tone. I have spoken to people that live in blacktown(sorry don't know which street) and they said that they haven't had any incidents as they keep to themselves yet told me of a story how a female friend was attacked at night near the shopping centre. I'm a first time home buyer that was looking to buy in blacktown cause of the reviews on this site and low prices but after looking into further I will not. I apoligize if I have offended any blacktown residents but this is what I have heard and seen. I feel as those the reviews and current rating blacktown don't reflect it concisely. Also a member of my family was able to advise me of loss prevention retail report, and blacktown was one of the highest for shopping lifting.
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chining Thanks for the honest post. Its really helpful. I am looking to buy in blacktown as well because of the low price house. The price is low for a reason.
Orana So..susmonkey is your review in general about Blacktown? Or Patrick St? Can you show me one station or shopping near station in any other major busy suburb such as Blacktown free of crime?? Thank god you realised how bad this area is and not moving here!!! At least our trains, shops,parks are not full of judges like you. Have you ever been near any train station with major shopping centre next to it? Whether or not its in a bad/poor people suburb like Blacktown the crime rates will be same as here. When you don't even know/care to elaborate about both sides of Patrick street then don't post about Patrick street. The other end towards south Blacktown is actually a dense residential area and is a very peaceful street. The bad rap about the station does not walk with you to your home if you actually live on Patrick street. You think Patrick street has affordable houses? Think again. It's one of expensive streets to buy into. Kmart being open 24 hours is not the greatest pro to live in Blacktown! It's the libraries, medical facilities, family entertainment, great schools, plenty of parks, ability to get to city by train in 30 minutes and by car under 40 mins is a pro! You better not review a street or suburb if you haven't actually lived there! At least don't defame a street without knowing/actually living there.
qzone2006 Totally agree with orana
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