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Senate Road, Port Pirie West

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"Reflections on the honouring of the Senate by the naming of a main thoroughfare in Port Pirie"

Western Australia and Queensland have a "Senate Road" and the throroughfare of that name in Port Pirie is the only road to bear that name in South Australia.

Presumably the civic authorities in Port Pirie so valued the federal upper house (the Senate) that a road must be named to give honour to that chamber in the Commonwealth Parliament.

Restraint on government occurs as the Senate reviews each proposal of the House of Representatives (the lower chamber) in which government is formed. As governments rarely control both chambers, the upper house can review the lower house and check the excesses and errors of government.

Representation of minority interest is enabled by the use of proportional voting for the upper house. Independent or minority party candidates will be elected with about 14% of the vote. If they obtain the balance of power, the Parliament and the people are less likely to be dominated by government.

Protection against electoral swings occurs as the Senate elects half the members at each election. This helps shield the Parliament from major swings that may otherwise fill both houses with members of one party only.

Promotion of long-term interest arises because Senators serve for a term twice the length of the Members of the House of Representatives.

Reconsideration of policy is more likely as Parliament requires two sets of Members to consider and pass proposed legislation. This may entail delays enabling scrutiny, public awareness and increased community responses.
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"Reflections on the honouring of the Senate by the naming of a main thoroughfare in Port Pirie"
-33.17116 137.99753
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