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Starkey Court, Rangeville

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"Walking Distance to Picnic Point"

Apart from its community atmosphere, the main feature of Starkey Court is its proximity to Picnic Point - perfect for weekends, afternoons and special occasions. Picnic Point has a great restaurant and an even better view.

Rangeville State Primary School is really close, and is perfect for anyone with kids. It may take a bit longer to get into the city than other streets, but it is a really good looking street with heaps of gardens and is close to Heller Street Park.
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justine1978 I lived here for a few months whilst on holiday visiting my granddaughter and her two girls. Starkey court is not at all a friendly street to live in. A lot of gossip by the stay one particular stay at home mother and her friend who have nothing better to do that create trouble and strife in the street. A very emotionally cold place to live in; yes it is close to picnic point but as for neighbourly friendly street it gets a minus one out of 10 from me. one of my granddaughters went to play with a little girl in the street who lived at the front end of the street. Her mother was so very rude shouting her off the property and screaming at her. Her husband is a psychologist so I found that very interesting as her behaviour warranted that she needed psychological help. Do not live in Starkey Court as there are much better places to live which are child friendly and elderly person friendly.
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