9.4 out of 10

Thornton Court, Sale

-38.1183227012 147.0883286819
Great for
  • Childcare
  • Clean & Green
  • Eating Out
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Internet Access
Not great for
  • No ratings yet
Who lives here?
  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Hipsters
  • Trendy & Stylish


5/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 5/5
  • Safe & Sound 5/5
  • Clean & Green 5/5
  • Pest Free 5/5
  • Peace & Quiet 5/5
  • Eating Out 5/5
  • Nightlife 5/5
  • Parks & Recreation 5/5
  • Shopping Options 5/5
  • Gym & Fitness 5/5
  • Internet Access 5/5
  • Lack of Traffic 5/5
  • Parking 5/5
  • Cost of Living 3/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 5/5
  • Public Transport 5/5
  • Medical Facilities 5/5
  • Schools 5/5
  • Childcare 5/5

"Urban hideaway."

Very quiet, well maintained area, neighbors are respectful and quite well off, so no riffraff and young "Whippersnappers" the lawns and gardens are well manicured, not a blade of grass out of place, Newspapers and letters are well tucked away in neat designer garden ornaments called "Letter boxes" the paths and roads are sterile enough to almost eat off, and in some areas near there, the roads are not made of bitumen, but they are actually paved, (yes with actual individual pavers).

The place is so clean and sterile the it feels like an open air hospital, Street sweepers clean and wash the road regularly, Residents will, given half a chance, amble around their front yards with household vacuum cleaners to make absolutely sure there is no chance that the lawn mower didnt miss a few blades of grass,

During Christmas season, the lights abound in the area, trying to out do one another, And there are no rusty wrecks called cars getting around there either, they must have the latest Mercedes or BMW to impress the underlings that cannot afford the pleasures of such exclusive motoring luxury,

And the best thing of all, in that area, During Hard waste season, They throw out the best stuff in the whole town, i mean its just amazing what they dont want anymore, its just awsome, i furnished my whole house from stuff they threw out on the nature strip, i didnt have to buy a thing, from knives and forks to right up to the tv, Such lovely awesomly nice people there, even left a Microwave out for me, AND it still works,

So, if you have lots of money!!!! please move to Sale, Oh, and if you have any spare household goods you dont need anymore, i will be needing some coffee mugs and a toaster soon,

  • Good pickings during hard waste
  • No ferals!
  • Oh So Clean,
  • Hard waste bargain hunters.
  • Silly eccentric reviewers, haha.
  • They missed a bump over there, on the road,
Recommended for
  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Hipsters
  • Trendy & Stylish

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York St

"Very busy during the day and often dangerous!"
-38.10631 147.06813

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"Close to CBD"
-38.10067 147.07049
"Quiet and properties go QUICK"
-38.10274 147.08051

Ray Street

"Bullet proof vehicle recommended"
-38.1019165868 147.0832470212
"Urban hideaway."
-38.1183227012 147.0883286819

Weir Street

"Quiet street"
-38.10388 147.08651

Janice Way

"Nice quiet street"
-38.09782 147.08526

Ruff Street

"What can i say? FORGET IT!"
-38.10124 147.08406

Reeve Street

"Only issue is lack of parking for homes"
-38.09987 147.0607
"Close to CBD"
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