What rights do I have?

Back story is shortened version (as short as it can be!):
My husband and I (with our 3 young children) moved into a property in 2008 (renting)
We broke our lease in 2012 to move closer to schools and work - no issues, we paid the break lease fee and got bond back
We have lived in our current place of residence for 3 years.
We have just been advised the owner wants to move back in, renovate and sell, and we have 2 months
Not a problem, we were looking down that same avenue anyways!
We start packing half the house and apply for a different house.
We get told by real estate agent we are on the TICA Blacklist - huh??!!??
Ring our old real estate - get told yes, they put us on the blacklist because we didnt pay an invoice they sent to us via 1 singular email in 2012, for repainting the house
My questions:
- Dont they have an obligation to try every avenue possible to contact us before blacklisting us, and don't they need to tell us they intend to put us on the black list?
- In regards to the painting, what is the requirements/timeframe there? Does the property have to be repainted every 'x' amount of years? I know when we left, those walls had general wear and tear, but nothing requiring a complete repaint!
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