Youngs Road, Yarrambat, VIC 3091

3.1(3 reviews)

Ranked 2nd best street by locals in Yarrambat, VIC

Great for

  • Gym and fitness
  • Parks and recreation
  • Schools
  • Childcare

Not great for

  • Pest-free
  • Shopping options
  • Lack of traffic
  • Nightlife
  • Clean & green

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  • Retirees
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Reviews of Youngs Road, Yarrambat

"If only ...."

I somewhat agree with many of the sentiments of the first comment by "peacefulone" about Youngs Rd, Yarrambat -- and we are anything but "hippies" or "greenies" - we are professionals looking for a quiet street with a nice outlook. Having considered on quite a few occasions land/homes in this street over the past several years, my overwhelming feeling is that it seems such a shame that the whole street is let down by poor tidiness and maintenance of some of the homes/land. It would be a beautiful area but for what I could only describe as "junkyards" at several points in the street where rusting old car bodies, hideous shipping containers, piles of junk, weed-infested mounds of disgarded dirt and falling down sheds are very much part of the landscape. Furthermore, we have also experienced, on being shown one of the properties on this street, the dreadful effects of a resident burning their junk on an adjacent property. This seemed extraordinarily unsuitable for a prime residential area and very un-neighbourly. The final straw is that the road is in very poor condition, with many potholes and soft edges, and is too narrow to pass. We had the exquisite experience of being run into the curb by an oncoming road user who clearly had no concern for either his vehicle or others' using this street. For us it was, unfortunately, a fail and we are continuing our search for a nicer street.

Great for

  • Handy to Yarrambat Village

Not great for

  • Junkyards
  • Road in very poor repair

Who lives here?

  • Country Lovers
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"Quiet Gem"

Last review was obviously by a disgruntled greenie!

Youngs Rd is really a beautiful part of the world. Natural charm, wildlife, fabulous views and tranquility combine with great neighbours and a fantastic neighbourhood.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
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"An expensive street but don't expect some neighbours to keep your value up!!!"

This street is a quiet rural residential street. The new housing is large and mostly good quality (people obviously have some $$ dollars $$) which is why it is very surprising that many residents choose to make their homes look like they are from a bad part of town. If people have money to spend near half a million dollars on land and another half a million on building their 'dream' home, or are long-term residents sitting on a lifestyle gold mine, why would they cheapen both their home and the area with the likes of:
Shipping containers and excess broken down vehicles visible in front and side yards?
Excess renovation/building materials littering the yards?
Think that burning off building waste illegally makes for a pleasant neighbourhood and for good health?
Buy large blocks for an outdoor lifestyle with fresh clean air, and then pollute the air constantly with burning unsuitable materials in wood heaters?
Allow their dogs and cats to roam around destroying wildlife such as Blue Tongue Lizards, birds and native ducks - or grazing sheep in areas that have an Environmental Overlay which are put in place protect mature trees from ringbarking by sheep.
I would recommend this street for people who have a lot of money and wish to see it devalued by their neighbours' and the greater area's feral behaviour and complete lack of respect for the health and lifestyle of others.
On the other hand, I would recommend it to people who wish to have a healthy lifestyle, great sporting facilities, excellent schools closeby, plenty of green trees and also wish to be strong activists and cause a righting of the beautification and health of the street by lobbying Council and the State Government and re-educating the community in decorum and community health issues. I can't cope anymore with trying to do good in this street; I suspect I will die from Copper-Arsenic poisoning from people burning off treated pine if I get out and about to do my bit. I have ticked Retirees below because they might live for remainder of the term of their natural life whereas children are being exposed to too much poisonous smoke from March through December and the Council has no interest in providing a proper rubbish service because it is cheaper for them if they ignore people burning off so the Council doesn't have to spend the 2nd highest rates in Victoria on proper rubbish disposal/management.

Who lives here?

  • Retirees
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Youngs Road
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