First Home Buyer - We have been looking to buy in Acacia Ridge. What it is like living there?

Acacia Ridge seems to tick all the boxes in terms of location, affordability, good land size etc. But what is it like to live there? We would really appreciate some honest comments about the area.
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My partner and I (late 20's) bought here 2 years ago, and we had some reservations about the area ourselves. However we really love it here! We have friendly neighbours, regularly walk the dog at night without any problems, and while the shops and restaurants are not the greatest there is plenty to choose from that are only 5-10 minutes away. We and a few other homeowners are currently renovating, which is a good sign that people are investing in their properties. It only takes half an hour to drive to the city and the traffic isn't too clogged if you avoid Beaudesert Rd during peak times. We are located close to Archerfield's speedway and airport so we do get car and plane noise at certain times throughout the year, but nothing too heavy.

All in all we are very happy with the area and we recommend it!
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FreddyM1 Hi Abbybrownlabby,

Can I ask which street you are located? My partner and I (mid-20's) have just put a contract on a house near the Airport....just wondering if we are in the same location and if 3 years later (2015) you are still happy with the area?

Thank you! Elle
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missyk81 2yrs+

We moved to Acacia Ridge just over 2 years ago. We bought here mainly for the same reasons you have listed... price, location and land size.

We like it. We were previously in Moorooka and I still miss bits of Moorooka. There aren't many great shops around Acacia Ridge (eg. restaurants, cafes etc) although there is a Woollies and Calamvale and Sunnybank are very close which has most things.

The neighbourhood is good... there are a lot of young kids in the area and a lot of schools. It's not a "rich" area but we've never had any problems with crime or anything like that. People always say that it has too much housing commission in the area but we've found the people in housing commission homes the best - they are on the most part young or single families that are just struggling a bit.

Our neighbours are fantastic and we are really happy in that regard.

If you are considering buying... I would recommend doing a drive-by of the property on Friday/Saturday night at say 9pm. There are some houses that are a bit noisy pretty regularly but none in our street... and there's probably only a couple in the whole suburb.

In general - we're happy and we will probably stay for at least another five years. We enjoy walking/running around the neighbourhood at night and I love having a big backyard and friendly neighbours to enjoy the weekend with.
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september6 2yrs+
I would recommend it. Great prices considering its so close to the city. I have been here 3 years now and the suburb is growing and improving. with new developments, parks and improvements on the local shops. The newer housing areas like in Oswin st are very quiet, despite being so close to the main rd. Good mix of families, young couples and retirees.
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