Coronet Bay is unbuilt side of Agar Road protected from further development?

Looking at Grantville, Corinella and Coronet Bay. I am Interested to know for future developmnt plans for Coronet Bay. Are houses on sewerage. Is there town services ie. water, power, drains. Are there civil sevices ie. street lighing, rubbish collection, emergency services. Closest shopping and commercial centre? Is Broadband/ NBN / Foxtel available.? Is there a church nearby? Are local services such as cleaners, tradies, district nurse, GP's, vets available. are there any plans to upgrade infrastructure? Including road or train access. are there plans to make more land available and if so where and when. Is the area prone to fire and or flood? Is the area safe? Any problems with crime, vandals, hooliganism, drunkenness
Is the water quality monitored and is the water fit to swim and to drink? Can you advise average temps per month and rainfall. Is the land cultivatable? Is it prone to high winds and tides if so,how strong and what times of year . What food and beverage services and retail services are available in coronet bay, vs coinella vs grantville. Distance of all three to major service towns..
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