Is it safe to walk around in the Craigie open space area by yourself - with dog?

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Absolutely. I don't have a dog but I walk down to my local park (Otago) with my 1 year old daughter on a regular basis. I have also visited Warrandyte Park on a number of occasions with my mothers group.
I have found the local parks to be a great place to meet people from the area and now have a number of familiar faces to say hello to when we go.

As advised by my local council member OTAGO PARK is also going through a number of enhancements over the next 18 months. In the 2012/13 year the park will receive new cricket wicket covers, new rubber mats for the main wickets, new football goals, and new park identifying signage totalling $19,000. In the 2013/14 year the park will get a substantial playground equipment replacement & upgrade with rubber softball totalling $100,000. There are also new practice nets listed for the 2014/15 program.

In regards to walking the general area of Craigie I have walked through CRAIGIE and along Whitfords avenue to the train station for work for the last 10 plus years. I also regularly walk to CRAIGIE Leisure Centre, Craigie Shopping Centre, Whitfords Shopping Centre or a general walks around Camberwarra Drive and have always felt safe.

Hope this helps!
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