Seeking advice on great area/town in Noosa Hinterland

Im selling 20 acres in the Yarra Valley Victoria and hoping to downsize to an equally peaceful and beautiful smaller block (1-2 acres) in maybe the Noosa Hinterland.

Im an active, independent 57yo solo female but did have some concerns re QLDs reputation for bogans and drug related crime...

I am hoping to get some local feedback and insider knowledge of great towns/pockets that have reputation for being good, solid communities of property owners not rentals, not red necks... clean and green.. respectful of both the environment AND each other.

Im seeking 1-2 acres, not a huge house but a nice one..up to 1m.

Big beautiful views would be great. Privacy. PEACEFUL!

Safe and great trails for walking nearby... within 30 mins of Noosa or other great places for paddling/mountain biking/vegan communities would be great.

Yoga Classes and fresh organic fruit and veg supplies also a plus!

Any suggestions gratefully received! Im almost put off after reading some comments on some of the forums!

I REALLY dont want to live in a red neck/boozy/druggy unsafe area.

I dont even feel unsafe sleeping with my house wide open on summer nights here in the Yarra Valley. Id like to feel that way up in QLD also.

Ive checked out Maleny and didnt like it at all.

Ive heard Doonan is nice?

I just want a great likeminded/happy/ green community, warmer weather all year round and to have a smaller footprint.

Thanks in advance :)
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