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I live in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Qld, and I hate it! I grew up on the country side of the coast and then ended up in the heart of it and we really want to move! It is boring here there a nothing to do here all children attractions are dying! You can't even own a boat cause there isn't any fish! Beaches are shit cause there rough and unenjoyable as a bulldog owner you can't really take your dog anywhere without others ruining your day out! The shops are crap just everything! People come here to enjoy god knows what all we have is beach, shops & restaurants! Not to mention there's barely any jobs.
The heat is obviously one thing we would have to get used too but I was just wondering if anyone else has gone from a big move as a family from a place like here on the coast to a more calmer town like ingham! I've been up there twice and I love it but picking everything up and settling it down in a whole new area is a huge step! Especially building a home and getting used to it. I guess I'd just like to hear what do other families get up too? What are the schools like? How are the town people? Here we have so much violence and robbery a trip to town is basicly watch your back and your belongings!
Hope I can get some honest local responses Thankyou all!
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