what are the qualities of lochinvar described by the poet

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1. Confident as he is carrying only one sword without a shield or any other weapon and also didnt take his army for help which is signifying that he is confident enough on his skills of sword fighting.
2. Faithful and dauntless : the girl he loved,ellen,was getting married but he was so faithful in love that he was going to stop the wedding. He was also dauntless and audacious in the way he fought
3. Valiant: He is so valiant that no obstacle or hardship could save him from reaching the desired goal. He swam across the Eske River even though the river had no shallow part where it was being crossed by some stream. It was a deep river that he crossed bravely and without any fear.

4. Intellectual and talented : Lords daughter since long but was denied the opportunity to marry her. He responded that his love had taken the back seat and he had only come to drink a cup of wine at the marriage feast. He claimed that many beautiful maidens who are far more fair and beautiful than Ellen would open-heartedly come to be a bride for him showing that his love for ellen wasnt that strong.

5. Gutsy: he had the guts to announce in a marriage hall that he was going to dance with the bride in front of the frustrated mother ,fuming father ,spineless groom and other relatives.

6. Quick-witted: It only took one touch of his hand and one word in her ear for her to bend to his incredible will. He was able to win back Ellens love. He helped ellen climb the charger and then he climbed himself and this was done in haste.

7. Heroic in love :he was so heroic in love that he challenged all the relatives that of groom and bride to catch him (and the bride) if they could and he declared that ellen was is and when love reaches its full bloom no one can stop it.

8. Gallant :he is described twice in the poem that he was chivalrous and a handsome young hero
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