Best streets in Port Melbourne

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Johnston Street
Ranked 1st best street in Port Melbourne

"One of the best streets in Port Melbourne, hands down."

- AdamS
I've been in Port Melbourne for a while now, and I can honestly say that Johnston Street is a rare gem in the area. Why? Because it ticks all the right boxes for a place to live by the bay, without...
-37.843370021 144.9436766033

Rouse Street

Rouse Street
Ranked 2nd best street in Port Melbourne

"Location Location Location"

- susannahb1
Rouse Street is an amazing location . One block back from the beach, one block from Bay Street. Awesome coffee 100 metres away at Third Wave and the Exchange Pub 150 metres. And a 3 block stroll to th...
-37.8447223985 144.9439634712
Ranked 3rd best street in Port Melbourne

"Like living in the suburbs"

- Sophie
Like a timewarp back to the 1970s, Dunstan Parade (and the rest of Garden City) is a little known residential oasis only 5km from the city. It is like living out in the 'burbs yet everything is so clo...
-37.8374653225 144.9157957711
Ranked 4th best street in Port Melbourne

"Beats bo-ho Fitz-roy!"

- mayorofports
Albert st is probably the best st. in Port after Alfred st, where I wish I lived. It's the next St. over. Always people out the front on their verandahs, drinking longnecks, watching the dog-fights....
-37.835405 144.935874

Ross Street

Ranked 5th best street in Port Melbourne

"Port Melbourne West (towards Docklands) of the light rail is..."

- PortPower
Why pay twice the price for property in other inner city localities. This area is so close to so much amenity and so convenient it is unbelievable that property here can sell for half the price of sub...
-37.8320284919 144.943089207
Ranked 6th best street in Port Melbourne

"Eclectic with a lot of history"

- Zeno Kobica
With an annual Anzac day tribute on Heath Street, there is a lot of charm and character amongst the eclectic spread of houses, business's and Port Melbourne Library along this street.
-37.835679228 144.9440590939
Ranked 7th best street in Port Melbourne

"The hidden golden mile of Port Melbourne"

- creatineboy
Clark Street is one of the hidden gems in Port Melbourne. Located on the west side of Bay Street, this is home to some of the nicest and largest homes in Port Melbourne. For those looking to be a li...
-37.8330871712 144.9378572821
Ranked 8th best street in Port Melbourne

"What an amazing lifestyle this offers"

- balmer
Beaconsfield Parade in Port Melbourne is about as good as it gets in terms of location. Considered to be one of the best strips in Melbourne, most of the apartment complexes and townhouses are all 1...
-37.8442613607 144.9415592446

Esplanade Pl

Ranked 9th best street in Port Melbourne

"A little community within a community "

- Portside
Esplanade Place is essentially a service road that runs between Bridge and Raglan street, however if you take the time to look you will discover a little enclave between Bridge and Lyon street, where...
-37.8367549828 144.94572566

Beacon Vst

Ranked 10th best street in Port Melbourne

"The hub and heart of Beacon Cove"

- Fraser Lack
Words to best describe: Sun, Beach, Green, Warm, Friendly, Communal, Peaceful.
-37.8395997566 144.9293468664

Lalor Street

Ranked 11th best street in Port Melbourne

"The most convenient soho street in port melbourne"

- porty
Close to everything - so convenient having coles within walking distance along with tram and bus. It is generally a quiet street given that it is so close to Bay street which is famous for its wide va...
-37.8381722471 144.9418051314
Ranked 12th best street in Port Melbourne

"Quite handy location you never want to leave/SELL YOUR CAR!!"

- eXplorA
This street is just a simple street, as I have been living here for 11 years now with no sort of action in a bad way. Not many pets on the street just the regular amount maybe like 4 cats and 3-4dogs....
-37.8390465113 144.9365732065
Ranked 13th best street in Port Melbourne

"Location, parks, has everything."

- goku
Liardet Street is a very nice street compared some of the others in the area, and one of the more desired streets to live in especially if you are after something a little bit further away from the be...
-37.8409111529 144.9464906412
Beach Street
Ranked 14th best street in Port Melbourne

"Location, location, location!"

- Peter Zervas
Spectacular location, right on the bay - easy access to walking and bike tracks along the beach and Princes Pier, with an abundance of cafes and restaurants plus the tram moments away. Peter Zervas -...
-37.8414336624 144.9344831687

Princes St

Ranked 15th best street in Port Melbourne

"Two faces, one great street."

- buzzlightyear
Princess Street in Port Melbourne is a street of two faces. On one hand you have the side closer to the city on the opposite side of Graham Street, which looks a bit run down. It clearly is in need...
-37.835388945 144.9419417352
Ranked 16th best street in Port Melbourne

"Prime position"

- Fraser Lack
Beautifully tree lined, across from the park and light rail, short walk to Bay St shops and the Beach. Great location!
-37.8326944354 144.9433624146
Ranked 17th best street in Port Melbourne

"Great location, peaceful and beautiful."

- goku
Esplanade West in Port Melbourne is gorgeous. Towards the Beach St end there are some amazing apartment complexes. First of all you have the cool [email protected] complex, with on street parking more than avail...
-37.84376 144.9408

Bay St

Bay St
Ranked 18th best street in Port Melbourne

"The iconic street of Port Melbourne!"

- AdamS
Bay street connects the beach to the city, and is full of shops, restaurants, pubs and more. It's a great street during the day, with some fantastic eateries, but there always seems to be way too man...
-37.8351806242 144.9454251317

Dow St

Ranked 19th best street in Port Melbourne

"Amazing apartments, great location"

- lollipop
There are some very nice apartments here closer to the beach, mostly grey and similar. On the northern side of Graham Street there are also some stunning townhouses as well...although the road could...
-37.8437695871 144.9393189426

Beacon Rd

Ranked 20th best street in Port Melbourne

"Great location, poor street."

- jayboyd
Beacon Road represents the boundary line of Beacon Cove in Port Melbourne to the West. The first thing you notice when driving down here is the division between the nice side of the road, and the not...
-37.8341663411 144.9293468664
-37.8359524356 144.9460535091 7