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2nd August 2022


There’s a reason everyone is moving here. Heaven on earth! We made the move in 2022 and never looked back. Still so much potential here.

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28th August 2021

"Seemingly the ultimate destination....but is it ?"

Thinking about a move to the Sunshine Coast ? Always wondered what it would be like to live here ? Seems like the ultimate destination to live work and play.....but is it ? Before you decide here is a real review of what its ACTUALLY like to live here. There's a lot of good reasons to want to move here but a lot of bad ones, real ones to make you avoid it.
So you've made the decision to move here, you can't resist the urge of the beach, the weather, the hinterland, the seemingly perfect lifestyle change, well first you either gotta buy in or rent, and after doing this myself, if I had my time again this is the number one reason to stay where you were. TO BUY IN, you will have pay through the nose for someone's second hand astronomically OVER PRICED slop. But to do that is almost impossible anyway, stuff for sale is gone within the blink of an eye anyway. Land ? forget it, there is none, and if you do find it, it'll also be astronomically over priced and tiny. Hmmm, what if we RENT you say. First off, with less than a percent of rental availability, forget it. If you have managed to fight off the other hordes of people going for the same rental you are, well done, BUT...let me tell you, Investment Property Owners are the greediest low life scum up here. Charging astronomically high amounts of rent per week, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN, tiny house, no yard, no internet infrastructure, no ceiling fans, one crappy split system A/C, blown light bulbs everywhere, old dirty carpet, mouldy showers, dirty oven , dirty dishwasher. Don't like it you say, well then you'll be told to move out, we can have some one else in there by this afternoon. In whatever condition a house you find it'll never be worth the money full stop. Human greed wins out every time. Surely you say, can it get worse, ohhhhh but it does.
The traffic up here is with out a doubt the worst i have ever seen in any place I have ever lived in, even capital cities and to boot the road infrastructure is horrifically inadequate for purpose. Sunshine Coast drivers are also the worst in the country, highly abusive and having no regard for other people safety on the road or the road rules. There is no police presence at all.
Mobile phone reception or should I say lack of it, yes even with Telstra. What year do we live in again ?
Home Internet is god awful, constantly dropping out, having to reset my modem over and over.
You like shopping, well you're shit out of luck there as well. There is only one shopping centre where everything will be, across the entire sunshine coast region.....just ridiculous. You will have to modify your whole life depending on where you end up living.
OVERPOPULATION... holy crap. It's like an ant farm. Just never ending people, people, people.
So you say, is there anything good. Well yes, but for me it doesn't outweigh the bad, not by a long shot.
Weather is great, but so what. Many a mile of beaches, plenty of fishing if you like that, quite a few mountains to hike, wildlife places. I like these things but they don't come close to overcoming the black marks on this place. I'm stumped as to why people carry on about the sunshine coast.
If i had my time again, I would have stayed put. Its a great place for a short break, but to live...Pass

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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