Moving to Tamborine Mountain advise

Hi all! Husband, youngest (7) & myself are looking and hoping to buy in Tamborine Mountain area. Can any locals answer the following for me pls, sorry if any seem silly, just looking for locals opinions before buying.
1- Is it a clicky community? We are a very down to earth family, love to help out/ join in the fun, really want to be apart of a community long term.
2- Best places to go to become apart of the community?
3- How do you find the schools/teachers/school community?
4- Is water an issue we should consider when buying a property?
5- Are there many families living in the area with primary age children or more of a retiree age area? We have been told the latter but do not think correct.
6- Anything you recommend before we buy or make the move?
Many Thanks
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