When potential buyers are looking for a home, they may make unconscious judgments of the occupants of a house even when they have only seen the exterior. The exterior of your home should show something of your personal sense of taste and style. Simple upgrades can improve the impression your home will make.

Street with colorful houses in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

An exterior of your house can be a fantastic way to engage people and boost your appeal.

Boosting Curb Appeal

One big trend in preparing your home for showing is creating the best first impression that potential buyers can have, when they see your home. When you are redesigning your outdoor space, consider what type of atmosphere you wish to create. Will your living area be established around a theme or genre? Or is it enough that it is inviting and warm?

Colour Adds Personality

Once you have decided on a concept for your house, colour is the next decision to make. Painting your front door will spruce up the exterior of your home. Selecting a colour allows you to express your personality. A proper accent colour will add originality, and can be used on shutters too.

Include Accessories

Your front porch can be transformed by the use of alternating accessories and hardware. Doorbells, knockers and knobs can all be changed, to spice up the look of your porch. If you established a theme for your front porch, carry that through with appropriate accessories. You may also replace your house numbers and mailbox, if that will add to the overall look of your house.

To add a friendly, warm touch to your porch, and to greet visitors at your door, set up a flowerbox on your porch and place beautiful plants or fresh flowers in it. If that’s more work than you want to tackle, then hang seasonal wreaths on your door, to welcome guests. These should be changed with the seasons, so that they look appropriate. You might also wish to add a stylish doormat to your porch. It can be helpful in bringing your total look together.

Finishing Touches

After you spend a lot of time revamping your porch and adding to your outdoor space, you will want to be sure that people will see it. The proper lighting choices will show off your home in its best light. Select lighting choices that accent your theme and will properly illuminate your house number and your front door. This will make it easier for guests to find their way to your door at night.

For a symmetrical look, you can install a pair of light fixtures, one on each side of your front door. This gives your porch – and your house – a true sense of balance. This use of lighting is also used to make your entryway appear larger than it is.

Choose light bulbs that are energy-efficient and only those made for use outside. New, energy-saving CFL bulbs may take a bit longer to reach their full brightness, but they last a lot longer, and that means fewer trips outside to change bulbs. Brighter lights are great for home security, but too much light can create a glare around the porch and make the shrubbery or landscaping appear dark and less welcoming.

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