Guides for real estate agents

Surviving COVID-19 with Homely

A video series interviewing industry thought leaders designed to help agents survive and navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 property marketplace.

Ep 02 – Patrick McKinnon: Surviving COVID-19 with Homely

Today we talk with Patrick McKinnon, a Co-Director and lead agent at Place Ascot in sunny Queensland. He is known as one of Brisbane’s highest...

Branding and marketing

Learn about marketing strategies, personal branding, leveraging social media, hosting unique inspections and more.

5 ideas to kick-start your marketing this spring

It can be easy to fall into the habit of using the same old marketing strategies month after month. But when it comes to...

Sales and prospecting

Top tips for growing your business including building your leads pipeline, assisting different sorts of buyers and getting more referrals.

How to maximise real estate lead conversions (without selling your soul)

Tom Ferry says it best, ‘All the money is in lead conversions’. There are thousands of ways to generate, capture and convert leads. But...

Property management

Our property manager's guide to drum up business and advice for leasing out homes.

The best tech for property managers

In the past, we’ve covered productivity boosting tools and great apps for real estate agents, so we thought it’d be worthwhile to shortlist the...

Productivity and operations

Discover the best productivity and operations tips to help you lead your agency or grow your real estate career.

6 podcasts real estate agents need to listen to

In the past few years podcast consumption has grown exceptionally in Australia. The latest studies show 3.5 million Aussies listen to podcasts making it...

Homely supports agents amid coronavirus uncertainty announcing sweeping platform changes

Homely, the real estate portal helping millions of Australians find the perfect home, continues to support agents and is planning to rollout platform changes.

Building inspection tips for buying real estate in Wynnum

Wynnum and the Brisbane bayside suburbs have evolved to become a trendy seaside location with a variety of housing styles to suit all tastes...

Australia’s best holiday home hotspots in 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holiday home you can go to when you need a break or a change of pace? With...

5 handy hints for maximising storage in kids’ bedrooms

As any parent will tell you, having proper storage in kids’ bedrooms is not just desirable, it’s essential. After all, kids need space and...

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