If you have a basement that hasn’t been finished, you might have some ideas for how you could use the space better. The process of getting your basement in shape to use as a media room or recreational area doesn’t have to be difficult and can give you more value than it currently is. 

Before you do anything else, you’ll have to make sure of your basement’s condition. In many places, basements are at high risk for mould and other types of water damage, so check to see if you have any major problems with this or with the foundation of the house, and make sure to get any mould properly cleaned out and have the foundation stabilised if necessary. On the outside of your house, check the grading of your property as well as the gutter downspouts and if necessary, look for ways to keep water directed away from your house. If you turn up serious problems that can’t be easily resolved, finishing your basement might not be such a good idea.

Planning: As with other home renovations, before starting, get a good idea of what it is you want to get out of your basement and how you’re going to do that. Start budgeting for how much building materials will cost, as well as any furniture or other items you want to put into your new basement. Be clear on how much you want to spend and how you want to spend it. As for labor costs, although it might seem like just an extra expense, hiring a contractor or designer can actually help, since they can give you advice on good ways to save without cutting essential corners and can help make sure things get done the right way and don’t have to be fixed later.

Wiring and plumbing: Even if you already have wiring in your basement, you might want to make sure it’s up to code and safe. Be careful about putting in new wiring, which will be a big job if you’re putting in lots of equipment for a media center.

Insulation: Especially if you’re putting in a media room, you’ll want to make sure the ceiling has some soundproofing. In general, insulation will be a big asset for comfort as well as climate control protection for your furniture and equipment. This will be part of putting in studs and drywall. Once both the ceiling and walls are done, the room will be more comfortable and easier to use just like the rest of your house. You may not need to redo the floor if there’s already a stable concrete surface.

 The Home cinema in a listing located in Brisbane. 
The Home cinema in a listing located in Brisbane. 

Once your basement has been properly prepared, you’ll be able to move in the rest of your things and start to use your basement as more than just a storage and utility space.

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