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Windows are an integral part of any home’s design, both functionally and from an aesthetic perspective. It can be difficult to determine what style you’re looking for, but you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about double hung timber windows.

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Double hung timber windows are timeless, versatile and one of the most popular styles of windows available. Whether you have a mid-century modern ranch or a Victorian mansion, double hung timber windows add character and class to the place you hang your hat.

One of the main benefits is the ventilation control. You can direct incoming and outgoing air through either the top or the bottom. You can also ventilate using both sashes at the same time.

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Double hung timber windows have many standout features. A concealed spring block means that you don’t need a spiral balance in order to lift your windows. The concealed spring block is discreet, hidden away inside the window frame. This elevates your window and makes it both secure and energy efficient. It’s important to call out the shifts in the engineering of this window to make it as energy efficient as possible.

Another standout feature is the tackle balance system. Thanks to this, operation is smooth and free of any rattling. Older versions used a system designed with kite string and iron weights, but they’ve evolved to include stainless steel springs and a pulley system like those used in cars.

A parachute cord moves the actual sashes of the window. Again, this is hidden inside the interior of the window. It’s rare that these ever need to be replaced, but if they do, they’re the easiest system of their kind to replace. To paint a picture of their reliability, you can get 48,000 cycles out of the system, ensuring you can open your window at least once a day for more than 130 years.

The double hung timber window also boasts a finger grip groove that ensures lifting your window takes no effort at all with a cam catch. The cam catch is key as far as weather protection and home security goes.

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Double hung windows are a flexible option as well. In fact, you can even install a single hung window. The difference is there is one fixed sash and one that slides. Your options for design additions or shifts are many and varied. We’re talking about a range of choices for the glaze, so that they properly compliment the paint colour of your home, shutters and doors.

For warmer summer days, you can add aluminium insect and fly screens so that you can leave your windows open without the fear of pesky insects flying in. There’s an abundance of window style configurations and even colour-matched jambs and hardware.

Home owners choose this style for many different reasons, whether they’re installing new windows or replacing those that have seen better days. Many choose double hung windows as replacements for windows that have leveraged balance systems besides the tackle. Specifically, they’re a great step up from spiral balances or cord and weight windows.


While the featured material for this style is generally timber, double hung windows can also be designed with aluminium. Fly screen frames are extruded, providing even greater strength than the roll-formed alternatives that you see on the market. Inline reveals of double hung windows that are designed with aluminium mean the frames are as easy to fit as timber windows. This inline reveal also shields the aluminium frame, improving the energy efficiency of the product. They even have dual weather seals on moving panels to help exclude drafts, rain and intrusive noise.

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We touched on maintenance of the tackle balance system and how easy it is, but in general, this type of window requires very little maintenance. If you’re opening and closing it regularly, you’ll be able to spot issues right away.

As with any style of window, we recommend that you clean it regularly – at least once a month and more frequently during hot or dusty weather. There are no stipulations on cleaning products that you need to avoid with double hung timber windows, feel free to use general glass cleaner. You can also mix your window cleaner at home, using vinegar and water if you want to go the natural and chemical-free route.

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Ready to make the shift? Feel free to reach out to the Valley Windows team. We’d love to hear from you and help provide you a better view.

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I’m glad that this article talks about how double hung timber windows are both secure and energy efficient. This would be useful to keep your home protected and could help you save money. If you’re considering this option, it would probably be a good idea to find a local contractor that is experienced with double hung timber windows so that they can provide quality materials and ensure that everything is installed properly so that you can get the security and other benefits.

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