How to buy a property during COVID-19

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When our Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced “in the retail space, auction houses, gathering together in auction rooms – that can no longer continue. Real estate auctions and open house inspections, in particular open house inspections – that cannot continue”, we knew things were going to be shaken up in the real estate world.

This does not mean that homes will stop being sold or that the real estate industry is shutdown. In fact, prior to this announcement, many real estate agents were already taking some of the above precautions and continuing their record auction days as the market continues to improve and adjust.

With so many changes to our everyday life to stop the spread of coronavirus, we thought we’d put together some tips to help if you’re still on the hunt for that perfect home.

Here are our top three ways to buy a property without attending public open for inspections or in-person auctions.

How to buy a property during the COVID-19 lockdown

1. Personal video walkthroughs.

The world has gone digital. Retail stores are giving personalised shopping tours via video calls on their phones, art galleries are giving virtual exhibition tours, service-based businesses are packaging up their offerings into online courses, and real estate agents are giving property walkthroughs via live video calls.

how to buy property in COVID-19 video walkthrough

Jess Templeton, Roncon Real Estate Property Sales Specialist, says “we are more than qualified to sell homes without open homes. Prior to this pandemic, we’ve already been conducting inspections by FaceTime for a lot of interstate buyers that couldn’t make it down because or work or other commitments, with great success.”

That’s right. You can get in touch with your agent, and get a one-on-one walkthrough of the home/s you’re interested in. Not a pre-recorded video that shows you the highlights, but a personal video call where you can ask questions on the spot and the agent can talk you through them while showing you what you want to see in greater detail. Peep inside closets, take a gander at the garage and check if there’s enough room in the garden shed, to determine whether it’s the right property for you.

“Many of my successful sales come from by appointment only, which we can still do. We’re of course taking proper precautions when taking buyers through on a one-on-one basis and pre-qualifying them with a series of questions.”

“We’re also offering 3D virtual walkthrough videos so buyers can sit in the comfort of their own home and feel like they’re walking through the house,” Jess explains.

how to buy property in COVID-19 3D tour
50 St Vincent Street, Albert Park, VIC

2. View the neighbourhood without even leaving your home.

You know when you want to check out a restaurant before you go, you look up the review sites and menu? Well for 10+ years, has been the source for Australian’s to research and read up on Suburb and Street Reviews before they move. From your computer or mobile device, you can read detailed reviews from locals who currently or previously lived in a suburb or specific street and learn about what it’s like to live there.

What are the people like? Is it safe? Is there good nightlife? Is it good for retirees or families? Are there loud trucks driving through town at all hours? You can research the neighbourhood or town you’re thinking of moving to all from your couch at home.

Google Street View also offers a wealth of information, allowing you to tour a street or suburb virtually. Where is the closest cafe? What parks are close by for your dogs? Where is the closest public transport option? It’s all at your fingertips.

With today’s amazing and innovative technology, you can explore your future suburb from the comfort of your living room.

3. Live auctions on your device.

Agents have already started offering online auction rooms and will be expanding on this service of offering live auctions. Watch the auction live on your mobile device, and bid either online or via phone.

Jess says, “we’ve already been conducting online auctions, and we’ve been doing a lot of video content on socials to get homes sold”.

how to buy property during COVID-19 online auction
6 Ernest Street, Bell Post Hill, VIC


A few companies offering these services include:

There’s no need to leave home, you still get that incredible energy and excitement of an auction, and you still get to buy the home you love. Get in touch with your agent to see how you can register to bid on that dream property you have your eye on.

The market is still on the rise. It’s a great time to buy, even with the limitations we are currently facing in regards to attending inspections and traditional auctions. Don’t let this situation we’re in stop you from finding the home of your dreams.

Visit to find your next home, watch video walkthroughs, take 3D home tours and request private inspections with agents.

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  1. Perfect! Informative ways to invest in real estate. Many real estate investors don’t have such knowledge. I hope these ways may help. Thanks a lot!!


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