How to feel settled in your new home ASAP

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If you’re moving into a new home you will most likely have a heap of emotions filling your head, from excitement and anticipation to feeling stressed and anxious. While these feelings are all perfectly natural given the challenges of negotiating a move, it can also take its toll on your sleep both before and after the move.

To help you transition to your new home as seamlessly as possible we’ve put together some tips on helping you to settle in and sleep better after making a move to a new home.

Make your bed

Even though you may be exhausted from the move, taking time to make up your bed could make all the difference. When is the last time you replaced your bedding? New pillows and a doona can make the world of difference to your quality of sleep. Invest in some supportive pillows and a quality seasonal doona to help improve your quality of sleep. There is nothing like laying your head down on your pillow and snuggling up to a new soft doona, feeling your body unwind and letting go of the physical exertion moving home takes.

 For sale: 493 Honour Avenue, Sherwood, QLD For sale: 493 Honour Avenue, Sherwood, QLD

Create a tranquil environment

Make your new place feel like a relaxed and tranquil place to be by adding a scent to your room – scented candles, incense or air fresheners are an easy way to achieve this. Choose calming aromas like lavender, sandalwood and bergamot to promote rest and relaxation.

Don’t shake things up too much

Try to maintain your usual sleep routine. Even though you have a mountain of boxes to unpack and sort, try to keep your bedtime in check. It’s important to unwind and clear your mind before sleep so whether it’s reading a book, taking a warm bath, listening to music or meditating, aim to keep it up. This will help you to settle in faster to your new home.

Keep some familiarity

Decorating with familiar and favourite things, like ornaments, fresh flowers, pot plants, books, artwork and photos, will also help create the right vibe and make your new home feel like a familiar and welcoming place.

 For sale: 176 Dath Henderson Road, Lake Macdonald, QLD For sale: 176 Dath Henderson Road, Lake Macdonald, QLD

Play your favourite tunes

Create an upbeat or relaxing atmosphere by playing your favourite tunes in the background. Music is a great way to motivate and inspire you to set up your new abode, and can be a helpful method to unwind at the end of the day.

Plan some nights in

Make a concerted effort to spend time at your new abode in the first few weeks of living there. Take the time to cook some meals in your new kitchen and invite some friends over when you’re feeling on top of your unpacking to check out your new home. Planning a house warming party a few weeks after moving is a great way to keep motivated to get organised and set a self imposed deadline to unpack fully.

On the flip side also make time to do some things on your own that you enjoy, like reading in bed propped up on your favourite cushions or watching a movie in your new living room. These things will help your new home feel lived in and like your own special place.

If you do try putting some of these things into practice, without doubt you’ll be waking up well rested with renewed energy to tackle the rest of your unpacking so you can enjoy all that your new home and neighbourhood has on offer.

For more tips to make moving as painless as possible check out these 5 lessons from someone who just moved and our week by week checklist for moving house.

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