The 10 most commonly forgotten items when moving house

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4 min readMoving house is a whirlwind of emotion. Exciting, overwhelming, nerve-wracking and chaotic all at the same time. But, after the dust has settled in the new suburb you shall now call home, and you have unpacked your very last box with a long-awaited sigh of accomplishment, something suddenly hits you- Where on earth is the microwave?

While microwaves can be replaced, you need to ask yourself, can my children? To avoid another Home Alone instalment, here are 10 commonly forgotten things to double and even triple check you’ve got whilst moving, to save dollars and heartbreak.

1. The aforementioned microwave.

Microwaves tend to make like a chameleon and unhelpfully blend in with the rest of your kitchen, especially if they’re tucked away in a cupboard or a purposely built niche. This can be a real pain when you arrive at your new house and everything seems great until you want to throw something into the food computer and realise – it didn’t make the journey to your new home.

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2. Toilet brushes & plungers.

In the scheme of things, these aren’t the most devastating things to leave behind, but they will still cost you a few dollars to replace, which can be annoying. The toilet brush may also come in handy when you’re making your new place sparkling clean post move.

3. Secret items in secret places.

If you thought you were pretty clever when you built that hidden cubby under a floorboard to store all your treasures and private possessions, think again. That was two decades ago and now a plane is flying you to another state, miles away from your secret family heirlooms and photo stash. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find your journal for sale on eBay? Leave no stone unturned.

4. Coffee machine.

Much like the pesky microwave, coffee machines have chameleon-like qualities. The striking difference here, however, is that good coffee machines cost a bomb. So try not to forget them when moving. Plus a great cup of coffee can go a long way toward helping you feel settled.

5. Plants.

Plants can become so united with the walls, window sills and outdoor areas of your home, it can be easy to overlook them when packing. Do a sweep of all the hanging and potted plants; they could be anywhere – by the door, near the garden, in the guest bathroom.

6. Rugs & doormats.

After months and years of walking through your house, you can quickly get accustomed to the colours and patterns of the rugs and doormats that line the floor and entrances. Check for the front door, back door, garage, and every room for that matter. Leaving behind that fab customised front door mat can be an upsetting realisation on moving day.

7. Gardening equipment.

When people move they tend to focus on what’s inside the house. However, many valuable possessions reside outdoors, such as the hose, wheelbarrow, rake and the lawnmower. Don’t leave these ones behind, or the new residents will enjoy free gardening tools, that can be quite expensive to rebuy.

8. Cords and chargers.

Chargers, extension cords, power boards – these are way too easy to leave behind. They can be hiding in corners where no one looks, behind shelving in the garage or in the back of the spare closet. All these plugs and wires can be costly to replace, and moving house without a phone charger can make things unnecessarily difficult for you.

9. Pets.

It may sound like the unthinkable, but yes, our fluffy friends indeed get left behind on occasion. From small dogs to fat cats, to snakes and squeaky hamsters, you need to keep your eyes peeled to ensure the safe journey of your little critters great and small amidst the chaos. Don’t forget to pack up your pet’s favourite possessions too, like the dog house, bed, water bowl or backyard toys, this will help make the transition to their new home much easier.

10. Mail.

One of the most annoying things to leave behind is your private mail. While you should redirect your mail well in advance, make sure to check your mailbox before you go, to ensure there is no leaving behind envelopes, outstanding bills and important letters.

Now that you’re well-informed of all the things that can be left behind during a move, make a thorough sweep of every nook and cranny in your home before you go. Otherwise, you’ll be forking out a lot of money to replace your valued possessions, which isn’t fun.

Bon voyage!

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Jason Clair
Jason Clair is the Marketing Manager for Wridgways. Since 1892, Wridgways has been setting global benchmarks in household and commercial relocations.

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