Moving interstate: 4 things to do before the big move

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Whether you’re moving interstate for a new job opportunity, love, family or just a change of scene one thing is for sure – your life is about to get turned upside down and a whole lot more exciting. To ensure stability at such a high-pressure time, it’s imperative that you remain organised, flexible and forward thinking.

Get on top of the big move with these four tips so the relocation doesn’t become a huge stressful weight on your shoulders.

4 things to do before moving interstate:

1. Book in advance

Moving interstate requires systematic planning and foresight, and in this case, the date you allocate and book-in for your move will lock-in the urgency and planning schedule for the move.

If you’re moving for a new job, there is even more stress on the time management of your interstate move. Make sure you secure a date that’ll allow you and your family some breathing room to get settled in. For this reason, it’s even more important to book a reliable and trusted removalist well in advance – the last thing you want is a mover who is double-booked or missing out on your preferred time, day or week of choice.

When choosing your interstate removalist, make sure you research the company thoroughly by reading reviews and seeking recommendations from friends and family. Beware of removalists offering a cheap rate, often if it’s too good to be true – it is.

2. Sell off and donate unwanted belongings

Moving interstate is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. There’s no better time to re-evaluate your possessions and cut clutter from your life. Remember your ‘stuff’ doesn’t define you, if anything, it’s excess baggage that you cannot afford to move across state lines.

When it comes to clothing, sort through your wardrobe and drawers and get rid of any items that you haven’t worn in the past one to two years. Create different piles of the things you want to keep, donate or toss.

If you find that you have almost-new garments, shoes, or other accessories, these are worth selling online. For everything else, put it in a bag to donate to charity.

During your cull, you’ll most likely find pieces of furniture, unwanted gifts, and things you forgot you had stashed away in deep drawers and backs of cupboards.

Before your big move, collect all the unwanted ‘stuff’, arrange a garage sale, and send it off into the homes of others – as they say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

3. Map out your transport

Moving interstate can sometimes feel like a further distance than it actually is, due to cultural and landscape differences which set each state and territory apart. Due to the move being a lot further than a traditional move from one suburb to the other, you need to carefully plan out how you’ll get your belongings from one state to the other in one piece and within your budget.

Consider and compare different options to determine whether moving by air, road or sea (i.e. shipping containers) will be the most cost effective, realistic and practical solution for your scenario and timeframe.

Once you’re all settled into your new home, you’ll need to venture out and immerse yourself into your new city. So there are no shocks or confusion, check up on the public transportation system. If you’re moving from Melbourne to Sydney or vice versa, it’s not just the difference in vibe you’ll notice, but the difference in the options for getting from A to B. Where one city has trams and the other has ferries and water taxis.

It’s also important to download any public transport apps and timetables, and know how much it will cost, as well as the different types of passes available.

Before moving if you’re still uncertain or finding the city difficult to navigate, post a question online and check Homely’s Questions forums to get advice from locals on the best ways to get around.

4. Locate the necessities

When you arrive in your new town, you’ll most-likely be focussed on making your new house a home. At this stage, you should only have some unpacking to do, with a few minor details to iron out. It’s important that before you arrive during moving week, that you have already made arrangements for the everyday necessities.

If you have children, ensure that you have researched and enrolled them into a local school or daycare facility. If you’re a gym junkie, it’s a good idea to have a list of leisure or fitness centres close to your new pad, so that you can assess the facilities in the week following your move.

Ensure you have researched and contacted dentists and general health clinics in the area. If you feel confident making a decision before moving interstate, it’s a good idea to contact your existing health clinics and getting your document history transferred interstate.

Although it may sound pedantic, even researching your local amenities like supermarkets, chemists, shopping centres, parks, cinemas and which fish and chip shop is best will save you from future unwanted headaches and make you feel more at ease in your new home.

Moving interstate doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By planning ahead and organising every step, you can make the move across state lines a seamless transition. By completing these four things before the big move and choosing a trusted interstate removalist, you’re bound to have positive experience – leaving you more time to enjoy and look forward to the exciting journey ahead!

Santa Fe Wridgways

Santa Fe Wridgways is a world-renowned relocation company with over 120 years experience. With a reputation for outstanding customer service, the company is devoted to making every customer experience exceptional, with a focus on efficiency, quality, and people. Santa Fe Wridgways offer moving services through-out Australia and the world, specialising in both interstate and international moving.

To minimise stress and make sure your don't forget anything come moving day take a look at this handy moving house week by week checklist.

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