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Before putting your house on the market, it’s important to make sure that it’s presentable and ready for buyers to see, but it’s also important to make sure they can find it in a way that gets them interested in coming to see it in the first place. There are a few things you need to take care of to be ready to sell:

Eliminate clutter: Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your house, which can be hard if they see too many of your own photos and mementos sitting around.

Make minor repairs: Any problems with the little details, like trim that needs to be repainted, can lead people to worry that the house hasn’t been taken care of and there might be worse problems they haven’t found yet.

Check for surprises: Buyers might want to have an inspection done when they make an offer, so it’s a good idea to have your own inspection beforehand to make sure you know what they’re going to find. This will give you a chance to fix anything that might turn up before you have to worry about a potential buyer being turned off.

 Tips provided to the vendors at 301/55 Victoria Promenade, Docklands
Tips provided to the vendors at 301/55 Victoria Promenade, Docklands

Get the asking price right: Although prices may be going back up, remember that you still might not always be able to get as much as you want. You can’t focus just on the money you put into the house, or how much you feel you need. Look at comparable homes in the area, and consider the more objective factors, like size and number of bedrooms, and consider the professionally appraised value. Remember that buyers have access to the same information.

List your house online: Most buyers these days will be starting their home search online, and you’ll want to be available on multiple websites that are easy to look at on mobile devices. Working with an agent will be helpful here. You’ll want professional photographs of your house, and a virtual tour—even a small one—to help people get a sense of the space. Professional photos can help to increase the selling price of your house. A good description is also important. Drones for more in depth video listings have taken off, whilst not commonly used in Australia, watch how a drone listing adds depth to a property here

Keep getting attention: After the first few weeks, attention from new potential buyers tends to drop off quickly. Besides relisting, you may need to do something like lowering the asking price or otherwise making the offer look better.

Although the market has improved for sellers, you’ll still be competing with plenty of others, so it’s important to keep up at least somewhat with what other people are doing, and not just sit back. A little attention can help you sell faster for a better price.

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The Homely Team
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When listing your house online, professional photos are indeed a must. But it’s not enough to hire a pro photographer, you also have to style your property in order for it to be appealing and to stand out. I personally found this article to be very helpful when it comes to home styling tips for photo shoots: Also, eliminating clutter usually is not enough. While getting rid of personal items and unnecessary furniture is a must, you should also consider using appropriate size furniture and colors that compliment your property (more on that here: And checking for surprises is indeed a splendid idea!

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