4 Things that Buyers Love and Sellers Fail to Mention

The Homely Team
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When selling a house, you’re likely to find plenty of advice on how to get everything ready, including details about renovations or fixes you should make and how you should stage the house to look great for potential buyers. That’s all helpful, but something else you’ll need to remember once all that work’s been done is how to market it. After all, having the features potential buyers are looking for won’t help much of the buyers don’t hear about them. Here are some of the things you and your agent will likely want to point out if you can:

1. Storage: Even if you’re selling a starter home, it’s good to point out as much useable attic, closet, basement, or garage space as you can offer. A lot of first-time buyers in particular will be interested in decent storage even if you’ve already outgrown the place. You’ll especially want to point out extra pantry space or walk-in closets.

2. Organisational systems: Just as good as being able to point out storage space is being able to point out how easy that storage is to use. Be sure to point out closet systems and shelves you’ve had installed, especially if they help you take better advantage of oddly shaped spaces. A lot of buyers will likely be interested in ways to reduce clutter and be better organised. These systems also tend to be good investments if you’re still in the process of sprucing your house up.

3. Nearby amenities: Remember that the buyers looking at your house might not know your neighbourhood well. Some buyers might have found you by looking for a particular school district or access to transit and highways, but a lot of them won’t necessarily realise everything your neighbourhood has to offer. Pointing out local parks, shopping districts, or employers can help keep somebody’s interest. You can direct them to the local suburb page of your suburb here where thousands of consumers have written about your streets and neighbourhoods. 

4. Flexibility for seniors, children, and additional relatives: Since not having to move again for a while can be a pretty good selling point, make sure that buyers have a good sense of how the house and neighbourhood can accommodate their changing lives. Young people might be interested in whether or not they’ll have the right space for growing children, and somewhat older buyers will often be looking for a house with fewer stairs and other features that will make it easier to stay as they age. Even a smaller family might be interested in separate apartment areas or second master suites available for an older relative moving in for care, or grown children (including grandchildren) returning.

If you and your agent haven’t been thinking about how to market the ways in which your house works for everyday life, these are some of the places to start. Buyers won’t just be looking for style. They’ll be looking for a place they can use and enjoy, so show them that your house fits the bill.

The Homely Team
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