Premier Agent Masterclass, Chapter 3: Share your success

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Now that Angela Agent has taken the steps outlined in Chapter 2 to grow her followers, she is looking for further ways to share her success with Premier Agent. To promote her Agent Showcase and grow her brand, Angela will carry out the following steps:

Step 1: Follow other agents.

To keep up to date with her colleagues and competitors, Angela has followed other Premier Agents in her service suburbs. This will encourage other agents to follow Angela back which is a great way to expand her professional network.

Also, by following other real estate professionals Angela can easily stay abreast of any local questions and discussions and contribute her local expertise and build her brand. She’ll also be able to view other agents’ client feedback and can even keep an eye on their sold and leased properties.

To follow other agents in your service areas visit the Agent Finder page, simply search for the suburb or agent you’re interested in and select ‘+ Follow’.

Step 2: Social sharing.

To make the most of her existing professional and personal networks, Angela shared out her Premier Agent Showcase across her social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are a number of ways Angela has leveraged her social media followers to build out her Showcase and share her success, including:

  1. Angela updated her contact info on her Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to include the URL to her Showcase.

  2. On her professional Facebook and Instagram accounts Angela put a call out to her past clients to add reviews to her Showcase.

  3. Every time a glowing testimonial is added, Angela can also share out the link on her social media accounts to display her great track record of customer satisfaction for past and potential clients to see.

Add your Showcase link to your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles too.

Step 3: Email signature update.

To share and spread the word about her Premier Agent status Angela added a hyperlink to her Showcase into her professional email signature. Every time Angela responds to a new enquiry or gets in touch with past clients they’ll have the opportunity to read her story, learn more about her recent activity, view her sales track record, read client reviews and see her suburb reviews on her Showcase.

Happy selling!

The Homely Team


About Homely Premier Agent™:

Premier Agent is the best Agent Showcase in Australia and brings together your listings, performance statistics, agent controlled reviews, and suburbs knowledge to win you new business.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Premier Agent, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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