Premier Agent Masterclass, Chapter 5: The value of video

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Now that Angela Agent has learnt how to build a competitive showcase in Chapter 4, she is looking for more opportunities to engage with clients and effectively promote herself.

To get more from her showcase Angela realises the value of sharing her Success Wrap video and adding in a personal YouTube video to connect with clients on a more emotional level. Here are the steps Angela took to make the most of the videos on her showcase.

 Watch Angela Agent's Success Wrap video  here .
Watch Angela Agent’s Success Wrap video here .

Step 1: Promote your monthly progress.

Angela knows that many people remember information better when it’s conveyed in an audio/visual format compared to a written one. So rather than writing out a lengthy progress report about her past month to share with clients and followers, Angela simply shares out her Success Wrap video. This saves her a lot of time so she can focus her attention on more high priority tasks, like follow up calls and lead generation.

The Success Wrap video automatically generates a brief 60 second video monthly that outlines all of Angela’s latest real estate wins. It includes her Performance Stats, her recent sales locations and highlights from her newest client reviews.

Step 2: Touch base with clients and followers.

Angela recognises the Success Wrap is a great touch point to use with past and present clients and a perfect method to engage her fans and followers in a rapid, easy to digest visual snippet. Angela knows that in this day and age people are hungry for information and instant gratification, so her clients would be more open to watching a brief 60 second video rather than clicking through to read a blog for a few minutes summarising her KPIs.

There are several ways Angela utilises her Success Wrap to promote herself and her sales results:

1. Angela shares out her Success Wrap video to her professional Facebook and Twitter pages. This way when potential clients are researching her on social media, they can easily see her consistent track record of monthly achievements and satisfied customer reviews.

2. Angela adds the Success Wrap video into her monthly customer newsletter to reengage past clients and update them on her latest sales results and client reviews.

3. Angela plays her Success Wrap on loop on her iPad or a TV screen during her open for inspections, so that potential clients can quickly get a picture of her Performance Stats, her specialty suburbs, recent sales locations and latest client feedback highlights.

To share out your Success Wrap video, right click on the video, select ‘Save Video As…’, save it to your desktop, go to your social media page, add the video, type a description and hit ‘Publish’.

Step 3: Bring your skills to life.

Angela knows that adding a YouTube video to her showcase will illustrate her skills and personality in a way the words in her ‘About You’ simply cannot. Angela opted to include a well-produced YouTube video tour where she walks you through her latest luxury listing to highlight her professional demeanour, her specialty for promoting luxury homes and her stellar marketing capabilities to clients.

Alternatively, you may choose to add an auction video, a video profile, a glowing client testimonial, an interview or a market review from your YouTube channel. Add in whatever video best showcases the special talents you bring to the table and really shows you in your element.

Add in your YouTube video under ‘Edit Profile’, select ‘Agent Settings’ and add in the YouTube video URL or email us at [email protected] and we’ll put it in for you. 

Happy selling!

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