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Over the last decade, the real estate industry has shifted dramatically with most consumers now relying on online services to shop around.

As marketers, we must adapt to the ever-changing industry, pushing the boundaries of what agents can use to maximise the impact of their property listings on buyers. Combining various mediums to create a full and engaging picture for buyers is key to getting them to enquire and in the door at inspections.

In sales, the importance of first impressions cannot be understated and so it’s vital to work hard on perfecting the ultimate combination of products to get your listing to stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

At Urban Angles, we were fortunate to recently work with an agent on a Brighton residential sale that employed a clever marketing strategy. Taking advantage of traditional and new technologies, the campaign resulted in record breaking results for the suburb.

Using this sale as a case study, here’s our guide to using the right marketing tools to elevate the success of your campaign and foster record breaking sales results.

Choose the right photography package

It’s crucial to understand what suits your listing and how you wish to have the property portrayed online. Photography is the first thing buyers look at, which is why you want your listing photography to look its absolute best and showcase the right features.

From photographers, floorplanners through to stylists, you’re best off turning to an experienced team who understands your market to get your listing photography spot on. Rely on the pros to assist in choosing how to best promote your listing and to achieve highly professional and attractive results.

It’s not your job to know what would work and look best for your marketing campaign. A professional real estate marketing team will help you decide what would suit your specific listing and be able to advise you on what photography package options will work within your vendor’s budget too.

In the case of the Brighton residence, the vendors recognised that this property needed to be captured at both day and dusk to be shown off in the best lighting. They also had the property brilliantly styled to really give it a freshness and wow factor.

Use video to elevate your online presence

With video accounting for 74% of all internet traffic in 2017, this is anticipated to increase to 80% by 2019, and with people spending on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without, videos need to be part of every listing campaign.

Buyers are now expecting videos and as vendors are becoming more and more social online there is an ever-increasing demand for shareable video content.

Picking a great video team for the right property is hugely important. If executed poorly, a low-quality video can make a place look small, dark or uninteresting. Great property videos add to the marketing campaign by selling lifestyle perks or tapping into a buyer’s emotion.

Key elements of a great listing video:

  • Showcase what’s unique, interesting and/or appealing about the residence.

  • Evoke a feeling or lifestyle over and above the photography alone.

  • Feature high-quality footage captured on professional equipment.

  • Include engaging music selection that appeals to a broad demographic.

  • Agent details and a call to action.

The Brighton residence gained the exposure and attention it deserved using our Prestige Video package capturing the essence of the property over an entire afternoon (example below). 

Give buyers a real sense of your home with a 3D tour

There has been a lot of talk about Virtual Reality (VR) content in the real estate marketing industry of late, as the technology brings a fantastic new way to engage with the market. forecasts an unprecedented 900% increase (yes, 900%!) in the worldwide market for VR content by 2020 – that’s a market size of $143 billion US. That’s an astounding figure, and it clearly demonstrates where online content and marketing is headed.

We’ve recognised the promise of VR and have become a leader in virtual tour technology in real estate having built out own platform, Virtual Inspector 3D. Our VI3D opens doors to buyers locally as well as interstate and offshore allowing full access and an intimate understanding of a listing without having to physically see it.

We incorporated this technology into the Brighton residence campaign and we think the results speak for themselves. Increased view times, better engagement and access to remote buyers, what more could an agent want from their campaign!

 Brighton residence 3D tour Brighton residence 3D tour

VR tech, like the Virtual Inspector 3D, is the ultimate marketing tool. It not only showcases a virtual property tour but your existing marketing material, including photo gallery, video, floorplan, property details, location and an enquiry tool.

With the VR capabilities of Virtual Inspector 3D potential buyers can view a home tour in a VR headset, and it’s compatible with any Google Cardboard Viewer or Samsung Gear VR viewer.

We hope these tips on selecting the right marketing tools for your listings help to elevate the success of your future campaigns and leads to the achievement of impressive sales results.

For more tricks to nail your marketing campaign take a look at these home staging tips and what to avoid in listing descriptions.

Urban Angles

Urban Angles are property marketing specialists providing residential and commercial photography, floorplans, video, web programming, 3D visualisation & design.

Our creative edge, advanced digital technology and superior image quality attracts buyers and gets sales results. Urban Angles are commissioned by Australia’s leading property groups, agents and builders.

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