7 finance apps every agent needs

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As you’re checking emails after hours or responding to enquiries on the go, you may wonder if devices like the smartphone really make your work life better. But, there’s little doubt that in many ways, they can make a real estate agent’s life more efficient and easy.

Need to know what the weather’s like for an auction this Saturday or how long it’ll take to get from the office to an appraisal? You can get the info in seconds with a simple ‘Hey Siri!’.

Like it or not, thanks to smartphones, tablets and smartwatches all the answers are in the palm of your hands (or on your wrist!).

So why should it be any different for our finances?

Technological advancement provides a serious opportunity for agents when it comes to making, saving, investing and managing money day-to-day.

Unfortunately, finding the best apps to help do that is a little trickier. Did you know that if you were to count up all the apps offered in the leading app stores, you’d probably burn out at the two million mark?

So, we’ve done the hard work for you and hand-picked some of the best finance apps for real estate agents that’ll make life easier AND better starting from today.


A neat tool that helps a business keep track of balances, expenses and notifications – like paying a bill on time. Everyone can individually log in and it’s particularly handy for tracking debt and keeping tabs on runaway spending. It automatically figures out who’s spending the most, who owes what, and how bills and expenses for meetings and work trips should be divvied up.


Keeping track of all the expenses that come along with business trips can be a real hassle. Flight bookings, airport parking, hotel accommodation, meals and logistics can be a lot to deal with. That’s what makes TripIt so useful – you can combine all your travel documents and details into one itinerary just by emailing the app. It’s easy and free!

 Image: TripIt
Image: TripIt


Xero is online accounting for small businesses done right. Use the mobile app to view account balances, settle bank transactions, send invoices and keep track of your cash flow all in real time.


Evernote is a must-have for any office who needs help staying organised. It’s essentially a smart digital filing cabinet that you can use to store business notes, images, videos, web pages and checklists. Best of all it syncs across all of your devices (and your team’s) so you’ll always have what you need when you need it. Seriously awesome.


TrackMySPEND is perfect for recording expenses and creating (and sticking to) a budget. Insert upcoming events like open houses, client meetings, conferences or even a coffee over lunch, and TrackMySPEND will help sync it all with your customised spending limits.

Separate ‘needs’ from ‘wants’ for potential savings, set limits for luxuries and get reminders sent to your text message inbox. So handy.


Expensify is an app for photographing and storing receipts, tracking time and mileage, and keeping tabs of rate-based expenses as well as currency conversions.

Think how easy it’ll be at tax return time having all your work-related expenses from the past financial year recorded in the one place. No more lost receipts and calculating mileage!

Another bonus is it syncs beautifully with many of the top platforms used every day by business savvy people, including Excel, SalesForce, Xero and more.

 Image: MileTrack GPS
Image: MileTrack GPS


If you’ve ever thought about investing but are unsure where to start, then Clover is for you. It’s an automated online investing platform that makes investing hassle-free, easy and affordable.

In less than five minutes Clover will recommend a diversified and low-cost investment portfolio for you built on Exchange Traded Funds and Nobel Prize winning principles. Fees are low, they automatically rebalance your portfolio, keep your money safe with bank-level security, and have Socially Responsible Investment options for all portfolios.

We hope these apps help you to keep your budget and finances on track. For more technology that’ll help streamline your day take a look at these productivity-boosting tools for agents, great goal setting apps and the best tech for property managers.

Company bio:

Clover.com.au is an automated investing service (AIS) bringing online personal financial advice to Australians who are currently unable or don’t have the time, to obtain smart advice. We use Nobel Prize winning investing principles to build you a customised, low-cost portfolio tailored to your level of risk. Visit Clover.com.au to learn how we can help you get started on your investing journey.

A variation of this post previously appeared on clover.com.au and has been modified with permission.

Disclaimer: The information provided is a general guide only. Homely has no association or interest in any of the organisations or their affiliates mentioned above.

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Clover.com.au is an automated investment service based out of Melbourne, Australia. Clover helps Australians better manage and grow their wealth through smart technology. Built by a team of academics, industry veterans and millennials, their mission is to rebuild investing from the ground up, making it simple, smart, low-fee, and accessible to all.

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