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I am an agent and would like to join Homely Premier Agent, what do I need to do?

To become a Premier Agent, your office needs to upgrade its Homely account. Contact [email protected] for more information and to become a Premier Agent.

How much does it cost to become a Premier Agent?

Contact [email protected] for pricing to become a Premier Agent.

Why become a Premier Agent? / What is a Premier Agent?

Becoming a Homely Premier Agent will allow you to make the most of your Agent Profile and give your Homely listings an edge over...

What are your website statistics?

Since Homely was founded in 2014: 43+ million Australians have visited the site. 6.53+ million homes for sale and rent have been listed. 118+...

How much traffic will I receive from being a Premier Agent?

Our current Premier Agents get over 10x exposure for their Platinum Property listings and Agent Profiles compared to agents with basic listings and basic...

Vendor Street Reviews

I’ve received a Vendor Street Review email, what is this?

We invite all Homely agents to request that their vendors or landlords write a Street Review about their property. In the Street Review email...

How can a Vendor Street Review benefit my vendor and me?

Vendor Street Reviews benefit both you and your vendor as they paint a picture of what life is really like in that particular street...

I list on Homely but don’t receive Vendor Street Review emails

If you are the listing agent and your agent profile is connected to your listings, you will receive Vendor Street Review emails. If you...

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