Can anyone help with information about life, work, schools the Aldinga Beach region?

We are hoping to move to this region in March 2017 from Central Victoria. We have 2 boys (primary and secondary) in private schools here, but we're not phased. Our emphasis is on their happiness and the schools level of effort. I'm a Div 1 RN, caring for our profoundly disabled adult daughter at home full time (a long story for another day) and hubby is a semi driver, with MC licence. He can drive and fix anything. We are wanting any well-informed information that will help us to make important decisions over the next few months in regards to relocating. Thank you in advance.
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Hi, tarq. I would be more than happy to answer this question for you. You can also check out my review on the Aldinga Beach reviews here but I will tell you what you need to know that's important for you. I also know people who live in Aldinga Beach. It's almost like a beachside town!

Aldinga Beach, unfortunately, is a bit far from the city, ranging from 40 minutes in no traffic to around 50 minutes in peak traffic. If your not the "city" type, then this shouldn't be an issue. Aldinga Beach is a very safe and quiet area, neighbours are very friendly and would enjoy keeping their street quiet and peaceful for everyone else to live a peaceful life. The area is close to amenities such as shopping centres, schools and other, including the cute Aldinga Central Shopping Centre boasting many shops and daily shops such as Coles. Other shops are spread out across the area as well.

Schools shouldn't be a issue at all. Seaford R-12 School (Seaford), 15 minutes from Aldinga Beach, is a very good school and, as the school name suggests, hosts year levels from Reception all the way until Year 12. I can't really say whether the teachers or students are good or bad but people I've met in person say it is a good school with decent education.

Also to point out, Aldinga Beach is located within the vicinity of the AMAZING Silver Sands Beach! This is one of the most popular beaches in Adelaide yet it can be so quiet on some days. Hot summer days, expect to see lots of people flocking to the pristine, crystal clear waters for a swim or surf - and you can drive your car and park on the sand! I've been here many times and can safely say it's the best Beach in Adelaide. Also, try go to Port Noarlunga Beach, Seaford Beach or Moana Beach - they are all spectacular.

Back to the topic, the only disadvantages here is that if you work in the city, it may be too far but traffic is pretty decent once you get to the bottom of the foothills. If this is affecting you, try places closer to the city like Seaview Downs, Hallett Cove or Sheidow Park. They are all lovely places to live like Aldinga Beach.

If you have any other questions, I'll try my very hardest to answer them. Hope this helps!

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