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Hi guys,
Apologies in advance if my question becomes a bit rambly and all over the place! Also want to say straight up I have nothing against renters, I have rented for a long time. Also I have nothing against Homes West, I don't like to generalise but I am coming from a point of concern about our investment prospects.

My partner and I are trying to buy our first place and we found some great apartments in Beeliar however we realised that the complex is owned by DoH. Now, every unit in the complex is for sale so there are no plans (for now) to lease them to Homes West or anyone. Can anyone give us any advice or their experiences? Are there many Homes West housing in Beeliar? If so where abouts? What are the chances in your opinion of any other units in the complex not selling and becoming Homes West?
Additionally, what is the area like? The apartments themselves are lovely and the area seems wonderful. Relatively speaking compared to the rest of Perth suburbs, how much riffraff goes on? Coming from a dodgy town in the UK I consider Perth to be generally a very safe and nice place to live.

Anyone who can shed any light on the area of Beeliar and it's community will be a massive help. It's our first home and we don't plan to stay forever but we just don't want to be buying into something that we won't be able to sell or lose money on.
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Any luck?

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