Relocating from Sydney's Hills District to Brisbane (somewhere?!) to be closer to family

Hi, we're looking to permanently relocate from Sydney's Hills District to (somewhere around) Brisbane to be closer to family, probably in the next 6 months or so. We have 2 young children, so would like to have necessary amenities close by like Daycare, Groceries, Schools, Medical facilities, Hospitals etc. I'll be going back to work in either Wacol or Sherwood, and hubby will be working towards Brisbane CBD (both driving) so interested in what peak hour traffic is like in Brisbane as well? Our extended family is located in both Coorparoo, and on the Gold Coast & Byron Bay. We like the look of Chapel Hill / Kenmore areas, dont mind Cannon Hill area, and the Brookwater/Springfield area as well just wanting to know what you get for your money in Brisbane vs Sydney. Thanks in advance!
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RileyN 2yrs+
Hi stashy.
It depends a lot on your budget. Coming from Sydney, the average home price there ($1.15M) will get you a lot in Brisbane. For ease of commute you can't beat the western suburbs for the locations you have cited. Going outbound from the inner west is pretty smooth, and as long as your close the city isn't too bad either. Brookwater and Springfield will take you forever to commute in to the city and you will both be going with the flow of traffic inbound and while Brookwater is quite leafy, Springfield hardly has any trees. Iwouldn't recomend Chapel Hill/Kenmore because you will bare the brunt of the dreadful Moggil Road commute. I would suggest the Indooropilly area for you and your family because it is close the city for your husband and you can easily hop onto the freeway (against the traffic both ways) to get to Wacol or take the bridge over to the Chelmer/Sherwood area. This suburb has many amenities and you won't have any trouble with your list of necessary amenities. In Indooropilly, a four bedroom houses goes for around $1.05M. If this is too pricey though you may have to put up with Moggil Road. I hope this has helped. Enjoy the move to Brisbane. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)
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