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15th July 2020

"A sizeable town isolated in the Eastern edge of the Nullarbor"

It is located on Murat Bay. Stunning coastline outside of the town. Great outback Settlements such as Penong, Coorabie and Fowlers Bay to explore your the West. Ceduna itself is a clicky and peculiar town. Friendly enough, however people keep a certain reserve. The wider community has a cultural divide which I found challenging to deal with. It is hot in summer and cool in winter. It has a good Supermarket, Whitegoods stores. It lacks with cafes or restaurants. The hotel is a nice building, but would never eat there. I received food poisoning there once. If you require a shop wider than supermarket, hardware or white goods, it requires a 404 km trip to Port Lincoln or a 454km trip to Whyalla. If you need a cafe fix you have the touristy and upmarket town of Streaky Bay 110km south of Ceduna. In saying that the Ceduna Bakery, Mozies Roadhouse or On The Run do decent coffees if required. If you are not a local I suggest being careful working in government departments linked to the district. Its the Wild West and incredibly clicky. I experienced a bullying culture rife within certain sectors. I cant mention which one, just advise to be aware it exists here. If I was a local Im sure it would be a great place to live. If you are not I can recommend the remote settlements west of Ceduna. Some of the most amazing people live west of the main town! If you are renting I would suggest investing in CLR scale remover to stop calcification of bathroom wet areas. The real estate agents are particularly fussy about maintenance of landlords properties. They will charge you a lot money in cleaning if calcified scale builds up. Its due to the poor tap water quality here. I got charged $300 for calcium streaks I couldnt remove. Only to find out you need CLR to remove calcium scum, so as I hinted you can have a tough time with extremely fussy agents if you are renting here. Its worthwhile buying if you decide settling in Ceduna. I left Ceduna a year ago and didnt look back.

Beach lifestyle
Gorgeous coastline
Entrepreneurial opportunities

No good for singles
Lack of shops or conveniences
Fussy agents for tenants
Expensive rentals (considering isolation)
Town gossiping
Not recommended for non locals working in public sector
Wild West attitude ( we do things differently here)

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